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Kai Luckham - Criminal Defence Solicitor - HJA

Kai Luckham | Consultant 020 7874 8542

My work is mainly in the field of confiscation proceedings and offences relating to allegations of fraud and money laundering. The rest of the time I deal with a range of criminal, business and professional regulation matters.

My raison d’etre is to vigorously preserve assets, keep businesses going, and – if at all possible – to keep clients out of gaol.

My casework is nationwide and I often pick up clients by word of mouth referral, especially post-Conviction transfers in cases involving mid-large sums in disputed Confiscation proceedings.

In my earlier life, I lived and worked abroad and retain the capability to communicate in French.

Clients in recent times include:

  • Accountant: Money Laundering allegations acquitted at Trial (Leeds)
  • Company Director: Excise Duty evasion allegations: acquitted at Trial (Manchester)
  • Sole Trader: Copyright designs infringement allegation (Trading Standards) advice resulting in no prosecution
  • Money Service Business: Company Director (former MLRO) advice prior to HMRC Audit
  • Estate Agency: advice in relation to applicability of Money Laundering Regulations in cross border business

I also deal with civil cash detention and forfeiture proceedings, including:

Wholesaler: cash detention proceedings: monies (in excess £20,000 seized at Manchester Airport) returned.


I qualified as solicitor in 2004 having previously worked at a large criminal practice in Manchester from 2001.


Law degree 1990 (Manchester Polytechnic).

Civil Cash Detention and Forfeiture proceedings

I also deal with Cash Detention and Forfeiture proceedings including Appeals. Cases include:

  • W Liverpool Appeal Cash Forfeiture – Case originated at Trafford, then on Appeal to Minshull Street before ending up at Liverpool
    Crown Court before Respondent UKBA withdrew opposition to Appeal
  • M&P Preston Cash Forfeiture – Represented two sisters opposing an Application to Forfeit monies found in the course of a search of the family home. Two brothers ended up with a Costs Order against them of £40,000.
  • P Preston Cash Forfeiture – After analysis of complex and substantial documentation arising from investigation following seizure of approximately £60,000 at client’s home address a compromise was reached in the course of which a very substantial part of the money was returned.
  • A Burnley Cash Detention – Application to extend time successfully opposed. Costs against the police awarded.
  • D Trafford Cash Detention – Client had £25,000 taken from her at Manchester Airport. She attended at Trafford Magistrates but the Court were not persuaded to retrun the money. I was instructed, following which steps were taken leading to UKBA to return all of the cash.


As well as dealing with the full range of criminal offences (including terrorism matters) in the course of police station attendances I specialise in matters relating to financial crime.

In recent time I have been involved in substantial police investigations including:

  • S Accountant acquitted after Trial
  • F Businessman acquitted after Trial

I also deal with other regulatory enquiries and investigations most recently including

  • S Director DBIS investigation of alleged failure to maintain and supply accounting records
  • H Director DBIS investigation of alleged fraudulent trading

I have dealt with regulatory cases relating to licensing issues including

  • B Private Hire License: impact of criminal convictions
  • A Road Fund Licence and SORN, vehicle detained by police
  • N HMO licensing (ancillary to Confiscation matter)

Business regulation Advice

I also provide advice in other regulatory matters including assistance which helps matters to remain non-contentious:

  • G cross border issues; compliance with Money Laundering Regulations.
  • B former Money Laundering Reporting Officer in a Money Service Business sought advice in relation to matters arising consequent upon notification of compliance check by HMRC.
  • R issues concering conduct of police relating to property seized from client’s home address in course of investigation after which client’s husband was convicted of murder.
  • J issues relating to police records and Data Subject Access Request.