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Police Station Representation

If you have been arrested, or think that you might be, it can be very unsettling. The police (or other investigative bodies) will either try to interview you as a “volunteer” or after arrest. You may have some idea what it is about. You may have none. This is where we can help you. If the police (or any investigative body) wish to interview you under caution then you have the right to legal representation during the interview under caution.

An interview under caution is usually carried out because the police/ investigating body is carrying out an investigation to establish if a criminal offence has been committed. If the police want to interview you, this may indicate that you are a suspect. It is vital that you safeguard your rights at the earliest opportunity by instructing a specialist criminal lawyer, who can help safeguard your liberty and in some cases, your marriage, career and reputation.

If someone that you know has been arrested and is at the police station, then tell them to ask for Hodge Jones & Allen Solicitors. Call us on our 24 hour number and we will chase whether they want us to represent them.

What happens if I am arrested?

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Why Hodge Jones & Allen?

Providing exceptional representation at a police is a specialist skill in and of itself. The police station interview is one of the most important stages in a criminal case. Your criminal case can be won or lost based on what happens during the police station interview.

  1. We provide experienced representation at a police station 24 hours a day, 365 days a week. We will make sure that whatever the crime, whenever you are at the police station, you will get the best legal advice.
  2. We have specialist teams that be called on for Financial CrimeYouthsProtestTerrorismSexual Offences and other areas. From the start, your case will be allocated to a specialist advisor as a matter of urgency.
  3. We use our skills and expertise to get as much information from the police/investigator as possible so that you can make informed decisions about what to do.
  4. Before the police or other investigator interviews you, we spend time and effort preparing you, advising you of your rights and considering the best action to take.

If the police charge and try to detain you, we fight to get you bail and ensure that you are released as soon as possible.

Questions and Answers

  • Why would the police try to arrest me?

This is because the police are treating you as a suspect in a criminal investigation. In order to arrest, the police must have reasonable grounds to suspect that you were involved in a crime.

If you are arrested, this does not mean you are guilty. It means the police are investigating your involvement in an alleged criminal offence. Many people who are arrested are later released without any further action being taken. It is vital to have a specialist criminal lawyer by your side to maximise your chance of this outcome.

  • What can happen after I am arrested?

The police are required to take your photograph and obtain a sample of your DNA and fingerprints (biometric data). This personal biometric data and imagery will be retained on the Police National Computer.

  • What are my rights if I am arrested?

You have the right to consult the Code of Practice which tells you how the police should treat you (and more) whilst you are detained at the police station. It explains and sets out what your rights and entitlements are. This includes your right to notify someone that you have been arrested and that you have the right to received free and independent legal advice.

  • Am I entitled to legal advice whilst at a police station?

Yes, however there are some situations when the police can delay access to a solicitor, for example before a suspect provides the police with a breath sample. The police should ask you whether you want to have a solicitor whilst at the police station. If you do not know a solicitor or the name of a law firm, then you are allowed to ask for one via the duty solicitor scheme. In most cases the duty solicitor is available to provide you with initial advice over the phone, and see you in person, usually when the police are ready to interview you.

The duty solicitor is free of charge and is not means tested. You can also ask for your own solicitor who might also be free of charge under the legal aid scheme which is also not means tested, unless you wish to instruct them on a privately funded basis. There may be advantages for you to instruct us on a privately funded basis, which we can discuss with you.

  • How long can the police keep me at the police station?

As a starting point the police can only detain you (without charge) for 24 hours. In some situations when the police are investigating serious crimes the police can extend the period of detention for a further period of up to 12 hours. Certain criteria must be satisfied in order for this to happen.

If the police need more than 36 hours, they can take the matter to the Magistrates court in order to ask for a further period of detention. If the Magistrates court agrees, a suspect could be detained for a maximum period of 72 hours.

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Featured Client Cases

Featured Case

Client accused of Assault

A software developer was arrested and accused of assaulting his partner. The complainant made an allegation to the police which they recorded on their body warn video. The police didn’t reveal to us whether the complainant had given them a formal witness statement, but indicated they could impose a caution if he admitted the offence. With this specific client, a caution could have impacted on his ability to work in the US. Our solicitor assessed the strength of the evidence and discussed the case with our client who made an informed decision not to admit the offence.

Featured Case

Client accused of Murder

Our client was present at the scene but was innocent. Having assessed the strength of the evidence our client was advised against giving the police his story declaring his innocence. Even though he was innocent and wanted to tell the police, had he given his account to the police they would have charged him with murder, remanded in custody and faced months in prison before trial. He followed our advice. He remained silent during his interview. The police couldn’t prove that he was present at the scene.

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