Business Crime and Fraud

“They’re excellent, they are able to accommodate every level of case from the most complicated to the simplest, they’ve got the resources and deploy them well, and they’re very proactive”

Chambers 2019 – Financial Crime

Business Crime and Fraud

Business crime and fraud take many different forms.  Investigations and prosecutions can be led by a range of prosecuting agencies. Our financial crime lawyers are leaders in their field.  They have clear perspective and insight into how the different investigative agencies work, their methods and how they can be scrutinised and held to account.  You can be confident or our experience and abilities in dealing with matters investigated by the full range of authorities.  We regularly deal with the following the agencies:

  • The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)
  • The Serious Fraud Office (SFO)
  • The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA)
  • Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC)
  • The National Crime Agency (NCA)
  • The NHS Counter Fraud Authority
  • The Department of Business Innovation and Skills (BIS)
  • The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS)
  • The City of London Economic Crime Unit (COLP)
  • The Medicines and Healthcare Products Agency (MHRA)
  • The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA)
  • The Charity Commission

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Why Hodge Jones & Allen?

  • Decades of Experience

One of our key strengths is our experience and understanding of the business, commercial and financial context in which organisations work. Our decades of experience mean that there are few situations that we have not already encountered. We understand the practicalities and realities as well as the rules and regulations of how a company, NGO or public sector organisation works.

  • Experienced Litigators

We combine our financial understanding with our role as experienced criminal litigators to fight for the best results for our clients. Early action on your behalf is vital and we use our knowledge and experience to your advantage.    We will help you to navigate investigative interviews, whether voluntary or compulsory.  We will be robust in seeking to ensure you do not face prosecution.  Should your case proceed to court, our trial experience is second to none.

  • Successful Outcomes

We are adept tacticians and on countless occasions have successfully persuaded prosecuting agencies not to charge individuals and corporate entities and to take no further action. When court proceedings cannot be avoided, we use our knowledge and experience to lead teams which will secure you the best possible outcome.

Protecting your Interests

A criminal investigation can be a deeply intrusive and unsettling experience. Our lawyers have been quoted in the main legal directories, with one commenting that they are the “embodiment of calm reassurance”. You can rest assured that our knowledge and experience means we can quickly prepare an effective strategy to help guide you and respond effectively to any investigation you face. This will ensure the least amount of disruption to your life, including helping you to minimise any adverse impact to your reputation and standing.

If you are charged, then we will move swiftly to protect your interests. This includes making the strongest possible applications with regard to bail and your liberty.

We will swiftly get to grips with the evidence.  We are used to analysing large volumes of complex information with a view to considering applications for dismissal or abuse of process. We search for disclosure errors or unlawful activity by the prosecuting authority such that it might be argued the case should not continue.

If your case is to be tried, then we lead the way in meticulous trial preparation. We are renowned for offering clients the best trial preparation strategy available. This maximises your chance of acquittal if your case goes to trial. We understand the intricacies of a criminal trial and this informs every aspect of our approach.

In tandem, we have access to the very best forensic accountants, business experts and leading counsel. This means we will assemble the very best team to defend your interests, thus maximising your chance of success.

Some clients accept that they have committed an offence. If this is the case, then we will provide very through preparation for sentence so when a Court passes punishment, our effective representation leads to you receiving the lowest sentence possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

What sort of clients have HJA acted for?

The clients who we act for in these types of prosecution are frequently:

  • Company Directors
  • Senior Managers
  • Business Owners
  • Companies
  • Regulated professionals including lawyers, accountants, doctors and dentists

What type of offences have HJA acted in?

  • Bribery and Corruption
  • Money Laundering
  • Insider Dealing or Market Abuse
  • Cartels and Price Fixing
  • Libor and Euribor and derivatives fraud and manipulation
  • False Accounting
  • Boiler Room Schemes
  • Land Banking frauds
  • Missing Trader Intra Community frauds (MTIC)
  • Diversion Fraud including Alcohol and Tobacco Smuggling
  • Tax Fraud and Tax Evasion
  • Wine Investment Schemes
  • Invoicing and factoring fraud
  • Telecommunications fraud
  • Insurance and mortgage fraud

What legislation can the prosecutors rely on to investigate and prosecute me?

There are numerous statutes which a prosecuting agency rely on to investigate and prosecute allegations of Financial Crime including:

Our experience means we have absolute mastery of these laws. This assists us to swiftly identify the defences available to you and deploy them to maximum effect. We are known to be fearless in our protection of our client’s interests.

Quite often, business crime, fraud and financial crime investigations and proceedings are accompanied by Restraint and Asset Seizure action. We are experts in this field and can also help to ensure that the impact on you and your loved ones is minimised, whether through applying to discharge Restraint or Freezing Orders or through varying them to ensure you can cover reasonable expenses and minimise the disruption to your daily life, your business and your family.

As soon as you become aware that you are being investigated or prosecuted for financial crime, it is vital to secure specialist legal representation. We are available 24 hours a day to assist you in successfully navigating your way through the complexities of a fraud, financial or business crime matter.

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Featured Client Cases

Featured Case

Operation Tabernula

Partner Kiran Mehta acting for a defendant in Operation Tabernula, the FCA’s largest and most complex investigation and prosecution into Insider Dealing; successfully secured the dropping of the charge relating to insider dealing.

Featured Case

City of London Police

Partner Ruth Harris acting for a defendant in large £7 million carbon credit fraud. Trial collapsed following successful disclosure requests about the prosecution expert who was discredited; matter investigated by City of London Police.

Featured Case

Global Electrical Retailer

Partner Kiran Mehta acting for and advising a Middle Eastern businessman advising in relation to a circa £10 million fraud on a global electrical retailer; matter successfully concluded without any further prosecuting action being taken.

Featured Case

City of London Police

Partners Kerry Spence and Leo Martin acting for the directors of wine investment company in a boiler room fraud investigated by City of London Police. Successful pre-charge representation including identification of key evidence to support defence case that no criminal activity had taken place led to the Crown Prosecution Service recommending that no further action be taken.

Featured Case

Barclays Plc

Partners Raj Chada acting for a Barclays plc trader prosecuted for involvement in conspiracy to defraud by agreeing with others to rig Euribor interbank lending rate.

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