Bribery and Corruption

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Bribery and Corruption

Bribery and corruption inquiries can be devastating for the individuals and organisations concerned. Investigations, quite apart from charges or convictions, can hugely damage reputation and business. All UK law enforcement authorities – including the Serious Fraud Office, (SFO), the National Crime Agency (NCA), and City of London Police – have prioritised, and stressed the importance of, corruption and bribery investigations.

There is no doubt that the Bribery Act 2010 and the introduction of Deferred Prosecution Agreements have been game changers in how UK authorities investigate and prosecute allegations of corruption and bribery. As well as the Bribery Act 2010, many investigations continue under the old regime such as under the Prevention of Corruption Act 1906, the Prevention of Corruption Act 1916, the Public Bodies Corrupt Practices Act 1889 and common law offences of bribery.

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Why Hodge Jones & Allen?

  • Experienced

Hodge Jones have acted in some of the largest ever investigations into corruption and bribery in the UK. We have been instructed by senior executives in the BAE corruption investigation, the SFO prosecution into a North Sea Oil exploration project and the NCA investigation into the £1.2 billion sale of Northern Irish assets to a US investment fund.

  • Business Knowledge

Our lawyers are well versed in different business areas, knowing how and why different sectors operate in the way that they do. At the heart of bribery and corruption investigations is the relationship between those giving and receiving the alleged bribes. Hodge Jones & Allen financial crime lawyers have industry experience and background that gives them a cutting edge with regard to this.

  • Financial transactions

Defending bribery and corruption allegations can involve understanding complex financial transactions, tracing money or understanding how and why cash has been transferred from one account to another. Often this can involve reviewing material in foreign jurisdictions. Our Financial Crime Team are experts at navigating this complex area and instruct only carefully selected and experienced financial experts.

Legal Acumen

Our Financial Crime Team are acknowledged experts in the field. One of our Senior Partners, Raj Chada, has published a  leading legal practical guide– “Bribery, A Compliance Handbook” published by Bloomsbury Legal. We can help individuals and organisations navigate the labyrinth of law by:

  • advising during an internal investigation
  • providing advice on devising new policies or monitoring mechanisms
  • negotiating with the SFO in connection with criminal investigations or prosecutions including Deferred Prosecution Agreements
  • providing expert advice and representation being investigated or prosecuted.

Featured Client Cases

Featured Case

BAE Systems

Represented a senior executive at BAE systems during the SFO corruption inquiry into deals with several countries. No further action was taken against the Executive after our representation.

Featured Case

UK Company and the Australian Reserve Bank

Represented a defendant in criminal proceedings brought by the SFO into the Securency scandal. Securency was a company part owned by a UK company and the Australian Reserve Bank. It had allegedly secured contracts in relation to currency production in several countries by corruption. Joint investigation between SFO and Australian National Police. Defence investigations across Australia, Seychelles, Brazil, Nigeria, South Africa and the UK.

Featured Case

FH Bertiling

Represented an Executive in SFO prosecution into FH Bertiling – This related to corrupt payments in relation to the supply of freight forwarding services for a North Sea Oil exploration project known as Jasmine. Executive was acquitted.

Featured Case

National Asset Management Agency

Represented an individual in relation to the NCA investigation into the sale by NAMA (National Asset Management Agency] of their Northern Ireland portfolio to a US Investment Fund for £1.2 billion.

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