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Protecting your personal reputation is key. Our specialist team act for high profile and leading personalities to protect them.

You may have received contact from a newspaper about an imminent article or from a broadcaster about an imminent news piece or documentary about you. Your regulator might have contacted you because they’ve received a freedom of information request about you from a newspaper. You might be in the public eye and a member of your family may have got into trouble. You’ll be keen to ensure this matter remains private.

Experts in reputation management cases

We’ve a lot of experience in handling these types of circumstances and many more. We’ve been providing advice on how to handle reputational matters for years. This stems from our decades long experience of criminal and regulatory investigations against high profile individuals and companies. Likewise our decades long experience of being involved in high profile matters have required us to comment in the media. We have a specialist team that can assist with deleting criminal records.

Daily, different cases that we deal with appear in the press or on the internet. We’re frequently called upon to comment on cases in the press or appear on the news or in documentaries. This means we have an intimate understanding of how the press and the media works. This is in addition to longstanding contacts within the media.

We can build upon and rely on this to manage a situation for you. This means:

  • Diplomacy and negotiation when it comes to either avoiding or managing a publication or broadcast about you.
  • Managing the content and detail of any publication or broadcast.
  • Advice on statements to issue to the media where appropriate.
  • Manage the provision of information to the media thereby ensuring some control in what’s published or broadcasted about you.

"Helped me in my time of need. This solicitor is next level. She provided me with all the information I needed about my case and helped me to see what my best option was moving forward. I would highly recommend these solicitors as they are extremely professional and provide an expert service."

Protecting your reputation is key

We’re highly experienced in dealing with regulators in making representations about disclosure based on Freedom of Information requests. We’ve successfully avoided articles being published through persuading a regulator not to release the material that a newspaper needed to for an article.

Decades of experience

Ultimately, the best way to avoid any adverse publicity is to ensure that an investigation, whether criminal or regulatory, is swiftly concluded in your favour. We’re one of the best firms in the UK at ensuring this where possible. There are numerous cases that we’ve acted in over the years involving high profile individuals which have concluded with the prosecuting agency taking no further action and the matter never being reported in the media.

Expert solicitors

Of course, situations can arise which fall outside the realms of diplomacy and negotiation. If the circumstances justify it then we can assist you in taking the necessary action. This includes providing advice on injunctions if this becomes necessary.

Contact us 24 hours a day

If you are calling outside our office hours (9:30am to 5:30pm) call our free phone 24 hour telephone 0808 274 8226. There will always be someone at the other end of the telephone to assist you.

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