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About Jessica Murray

Jessica is committed to her clients and ensures that she fearlessly represents them. She has developed an approach to the initial stages of any criminal investigation by carefully considering whether the investigation can be challenged and halted before any prosecution proceeds. Jessica protects her clients by rigorous scrutiny and control of any police interviews. She also provides a tenacious and fearless approach in advocating and protecting her clients’ rights during court proceedings. She has the ability to think outside the box, whilst also employing diligent case research and preparation to all her work.

Jessica has acted in a number of serious matters including Murder and other serious assaults. She is experienced in Military Law, having represented clients of various ranks of the military, and has extensive experience of Mental Health Law and representing vulnerable clients.

She understands how confusing the law is likely to be for clients and how frightening the prospect of a potential conviction. She provides personal understanding and support whilst providing clear, unequivocal and pragmatic advice.

Jessica was extremely professional and calming in person and made my experience pleasant on the day. She seemed very thorough in listening to what I had to say and gave clear and sound advice as to how I should proceed. I couldn't recommend her highly enough!

Notable Cases

  • R v K Kingston-Upon-Thames Crown Court 2022
    K was alleged to have intentionally strangled and made threats to kill the complainant. On advice K entered not guilty pleas. Through research Jessica discovered the complainant in their previous life was a prolific fraudster and had previous convictions for dishonesty offences. Jessica laid the evidence before the Crown Prosecution Service who then offered no evidence.
  • R v P Margate Magistrates’ Court 2022
    P was charged with driving whilst under the influence of alcohol. Jessica advised and argued special reasons on the basis that P was in fear having been subjected to domestic abuse and violence. The Court were persuaded and the otherwise mandatory disqualification was avoided.
  • R v B
    B was charged with numerous fraud offences related to his employment. An almost certain custodial sentence was avoided as a result of Jessica obtaining significant and crucial mitigation.
  • R v N Southwark Crown Court 2022
    Alleged assault of a nightclub security guard by biting causing. N instructed that they had acted in self-defence after being assaulted by the security guard. From detailed preparation and exploration of the evidence and other material, including CCTV, Jessica unearthed support for N’s account who was found not guilty at trial.
  • R v S Bexley Magistrates’ Court 2021
    Alleged assault of a security guard at a supermarket. Through cross-examination of the complainant at trial Jessica successfully highlighted flaws in the complainant’s evidence leading to a not guilty verdict.
  • K: Charing Cross Police Station 2020
    K was arrested by the police on suspicion of murder. K was alleged to have caused the death of a man who fell 30ft onto railway tracks. As a result of Jessica’s advice and assistance to K, the Crown Prosecution Service decided that there was insufficient evidence to pursue a prosecution.
  • R v R Croydon Crown Court 2020
    R was stopped in his vehicle with a stanley knife and charged with being in possession of a knife in a public place. Jessica’s written representations to the Crown Prosecution Service as to whether it was in the public interest to pursue a prosecution against R were successful and the Crown offered no evidence at the Plea and Trial Preparation Hearing.
  • R v S Wood Green Crown Court 2020
    S pleaded guilty to possession with Intent to supply high purity Class A drugs, on two separate occasions. One of which occurred whilst he was released under investigation. Jessica instructed a forensic psychologist to assess the client who had been diagnosed with mental health issues following a violent attack, this report helped secure a suspended sentence order, rather than an almost certain custodial sentence.
  • R v SS Brighton Magistrates’ Court 2019
    SS was charged with assaulting a member of train staff by grabbing the worker by the throat. Instruction of a forensic pathologist to determine whether the complainant’s lack of injuries were consistent with such an assault. This led to the Crown Prosecution Service to offer no evidence.
  • R v C Bullford Military Court Centre 2019
    A Lance Corporal faced a significant sentence for numerous charges of fraud and various charges under the Armed Forces Act 2006. Jessica obtained essential medical evidence regarding C’s mental health which led to C receiving a fine, and saving C from being dismissed from the military, allowing him to leave for medical reasons.
  • R v V, M, F City of London Magistrates’ Court 2019
    V, M and F were charged with attempted theft as alleged organised pickpockets. British Transport Police officers provided statements alleging they had witnessed the group working together to pickpocket tourists. Jessica discovered and successfully argued an abuse of process and the case was dismissed.
  • R v G Norwich Crown Court 2019
    G had been found asleep with another in a vehicle. Under the driver’s seat where G was sleeping, police found two hunting knives. G’s DNA was discovered on one of the hunting knives. Class A and B drugs were also found. G denied any knowledge of the knives or Class A drugs. Jessica instructed a DNA expert as to the issue of DNA transfer and, during trial, evidence was discovered that the police had not followed correct procedure when collecting forensic and other evidence; resulting in the Crown abandoning the prosecution and offering no evidence in respect of G.

Client Comments

  • “I had the privilege of working with Jessica during one of the most difficult periods of my life, and I cannot recommend her and her team at Hodge Jones & Allen highly enough. Her dedication, hard work, and methodical approach to my case were truly impressive. Jessica not only provided outstanding legal support, but she also became a voice for me when I felt voiceless. Her empathy, understanding, and unwavering commitment made a world of difference in my situation. I am immensely grateful for Jessica’s professionalism, expertise, and compassionate guidance throughout the entire process. She truly stood in the gap for me, and I felt reassured and supported every step of the way. If you are looking for a solicitor who goes above and beyond for their clients, I wholeheartedly recommend Jessica. Thank you, Jessica, for your exceptional service and for making a positive impact during a challenging time in my life. I know at times I wasn’t the most obedient client, of which made my life hell and your workload more challenging. But, I Thank God for you and for pulling me into line.”
  • “I had an exceptional experience with this law firm. Jessica Murphy,demonstrated unparalleled expertise, professionalism, and dedication to my case. Her communication was clear and timely, making the legal process much smoother. I highly recommend them for anyone seeking top-notch legal representation.”
  • “My friend found this solicitor for my whilst I was in police custody & they turned up to court on Monday morning on short notice, they advised me well, fast tracked me through the process so my case was one of the first to be heard. I was represented really well and entered a please that allowed me time to go over the case in a little more detail. The case ended up being dropped. I couldn’t believe it. They also represented me in another occasion where we couldn’t avoid the mandatory 12 months but I was looking at 17-22months or more and Jessica Murray managed to get me 13 months which was amazing. So professional and kind throughout the process. I would highly recommend to anyone, especially if you have previous.”
  • “Jessica was very helpful and guided me throughout this whole journey, it was my first time in the situation and I wasn’t the easiest to work with in terms of always being available to communicate but Jessica really made it work. She did everything she knew how and rose above all things thrown at her to make our journey difficult. It’s more than fair to say without her I’d probably had struggled to get through the whole process and not got an outcome most desirable. It was a very long journey and there were moments when I didn’t know what to do or expect but Jessica was able to answer any questions I had and to my experience properly advise me to what led to be the best outcome for me. I’m a grateful for her efforts and expertise!”

“I can’t thank Jessica enough. She did a fantastic job. She worked really hard to proof my innocence in such a delicate and complicated case.”

“Laura O’Brien, Jessica Murray and Caroline Liggins aided me perfectly with my court case. I highly recommend them as they were swift and professional.”

Career & Education


  • Shaw Graham Kersh Solicitors
  • Murrays Partnership Solicitors


  • Duty Solicitor 2019
  • University of Law, Bloomsbury 2015 – Legal Practice Course (LPC)
  • Cardiff Law School 2014 – Police Station Legal Representative Accreditation
  • College of Law, Bloomsbury 2012 – Law Conversion Course
  • School of Oriental & African Studies 2010 – BA (with Hons) History and South Asian Studies
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