Money Laundering

Money laundering regulations are becoming increasingly complex and the government agencies charged with investigations into money laundering offences now have far-reaching powers.

Business partners and spouses frequently get caught up in such investigations, and even get prosecuted as they ‘should have known’ that income was being derived from illegal activities.

The Serious Fraud team at Hodge Jones & Allen is one of the leading law firms in the UK specialising in money laundering investigations. By seeking legal advice at an early stage, many of our clients facing prosecution have been able to preserve their assets with the support of our solicitors.

If you are being investigated for money laundering or you have already been charged with a money laundering offence, either by the Police, the National Crime Agency, HM Revenue & Customs or another government body, we can advise you through the complexities of money laundering legislation and we will work tirelessly to get you the best result.

Our team of solicitors are renowned for leaving no stone unturned when analysing all the evidence against you. We know this attention to detail can mean the difference between being found guilty or not guilty.


Raj Chada acted in the largest money laundering investigation by Revenue and Customs at the time. It involved money service bureaux in the UK and had a significant international dimension involving the US and Latin America.

Ruth Harris successfully represented a client involved in a case investigated by the Charity Commission before being handed over to the Fraud Squad. Non-legitimate charities had been set up to provide support to ex-offenders on their release from prison. Money collected for charitable purposes was distributed to over 40 different bank accounts. Some of the laundering of the funds took place outside the UK.

In addition, members of HJA’s Serious Fraud Team have previously dealt with the following case: Represented a client in a money laundering case involving a bureau de change. The fraud concerned the use of €500 notes, together with a lack of record keeping. It also involved the use of covert sources and informants. There were associated allegations of fraud, tax evasion, Directors Disqualification and mortgage fraud. We successfully argued to exclude a large portion of the prosecution evidence due to unreliability of records which was only uncovered by our analysis of the unused material in the case.

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Our Serious Fraud Solicitors are backed by four decades of experience with money laundering cases. Our legal practice and team of Serious Fraud Solicitors have a strong track record of achieving the best possible results. For expert legal advice use our contact form or call us on 0808 231 6369 today.

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