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Motorbike Accident Compensation Claims

Motorbike accidents are unfortunately increasingly common on British roads. They can also be among the most serious road traffic accidents, with victims more susceptible to injury than other road users.

We know that the aftermath of motorbike accidents can be hard, whether you’re dealing with pain, fighting to recover from injury or struggling financially through a loss of earnings. 

If you, or a loved one, have been involved in an accident on a motorbike that wasn’t your fault, you may be entitled to seek  motorbike accident compensation for injuries you have suffered as a result. You could also be entitled to claim for losses and financial problems that have occurred because of your accident.

We specialise in dealing with those who have suffered serious injuries and work as a team to make sure our clients’ needs are addressed.

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    Why choose Hodge Jones & Allen?

    At Hodge Jones & Allen, our team understands how devastating motorbike accidents can be for both the victim and their family. We know the importance of finding the right legal assistance to help in these situations. 

    Our experienced motorbike accident solicitors are waiting to help you bring a successful claim. We have years of experience and knowledge within the team to help you get the compensation you deserve. 

    Our services are offered under a conditional fee agreement, often known as No Win, No Fee. This means you can get legal advice as early as possible without having to worry about costly up-front fees.

    Our motorbike accident solicitors have been working tirelessly for over 40 years to get victims the assistance they need. They are accredited by APIL (The Association of Personal Injury Lawyers) and are members of The Law Society Personal Injury Panel, due to their specialist knowledge, high-class service and experience dealing with more serious and complex injuries.


    We are independently recognised as leaders in the field of bike accident claims and have a proven track record of negotiating very favourable outcomes for our clients.

    Their experience means our personal injury solicitors know how to negotiate effectively with defendants and insurance companies on your behalf.

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    How do I make a motorcycle accident claim?

    It’s important to act quickly after your accident if you want to make a claim, as there are time limits attached. In such cases, a claim must be brought within three years of the date you suffered an injury or within three years of you being aware that you have suffered an injury. 

    To make a motorbike accident claim, you should: 

    • Seek medical attention and get help with any injuries you have sustained 
    • Write down as much detail as you can remember about the accident, including what happened and who was involved. Keep any names, addresses and contact details of people involved and witnesses
    • Get photographic evidence of the scene of the accident, including any registration plates
    • Contact the police to file a report, which can help with your claim’s success
    • Call Hodge Jones & Allen for a free consultation, where we will assess your situation

    Once you’ve contacted our specialist team, we can evaluate your claim. We will then allocate you a solicitor, who will make sure they take care of you. We will then work to collect evidence and submit your claim to the defendant and/or their Insurer.

    Should a defendant not agree to accept fault for the accident, we will then represent you at court and a judge will decide the outcome of the case.

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    How much compensation will I get?

    Every road traffic accident claim is unique, so the amount of compensation you will be able to claim will be personal to you, based on your injuries and losses. 

    Personal injury compensation is calculated in two ways: 

    • General damages – Compensation for the injuries you have suffered and the impact these have had. This can include pain, mental trauma and any ongoing health issues. 
    • Special damages – Compensation for financial loss. This includes loss of earnings, any medical costs and the bills for ongoing care over time.
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