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Commercial Property Disputes

Commercial Property Dispute Solicitors

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Commercial property disputes need a quick resolution. Lengthy disagreements concerning property you own can have an adverse effect on the quality of your life, as well as potentially reducing the value of your property.

We try to avoid expensive litigation where possible and work to solve the dispute with a fast-acting solution that suits you.

Whether you’re seeking a resolution to a property ownership dispute or feel your business landlords have treated you unfairly, our commercial property dispute solicitors can provide guidance and expertise with the aim of coming to a fair, ethical arrangement. 

We have a process you can trust, working with all parties to come to an amicable agreement that solves the dispute and preserves relationships where needed.

What is a commercial property dispute?

A commercial property dispute is a disagreement related to a commercial property, or a property that makes money. This could include an office, an independent business, or even a rental property. 

Property disputes are disagreements between two or more parties, whether they’re your tenants, neighbours or the landlords who own your business premises. 

Seeking a positive resolution quickly is often the best course of action and with the right guidance and expertise, this is usually easily reached. 

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Commercial property dispute services

Boundary disputes

Your total property area is usually more than the four walls you inhabit. Gardens, private access ways and parking areas are all included in your total boundary. A boundary dispute arises when someone else is encroaching on, or using, your property area without your permission. We can help resolve boundary disputes and provide the legal protection you need.  

Jointly owned property

Joint ownership disputes usually come with an added emotional burden. We understand that joint owners are likely to be family, friends or colleagues and for that reason, we seek to solve joint ownership disputes with a solution that preserves your relationship. 

Leasehold disputes

Our property dispute team has an extensive background in dealing with disputes between leaseholders and freeholders. Whether your disagreement is with your tenants, or the landlord of your business premises, we’re on your side with results-driven guidance and aid.

Nuisance & negligence

Disputes between neighbours can have a costly effect, both on your emotional wellbeing and the value of your home. Noisy or negligent neighbours can leave you feeling frustrated or worried about the condition of your home. When local authorities have refused to act, we can step in to get the solution you need. 

Planning appeals

Local authorities can sometimes unfairly dismiss planning applications. If you feel your planning application for your business or rental property was treated as such, we can step in to support and review your application, preparing it for success. 

Possession proceedings

Your rights as a landlord mean you can take back your property whenever you choose. However, there are certain factors and criteria you must meet before you evict your tenants. We can offer guidance to ensure you are on the right side of the regulations. 

Restrictive covenants on your land

Our experienced commercial property dispute solicitors provide tailored advice around restrictive covenants that direct how you are to use your land. If you’d like these covenants updating, or even removing, contact our team for expertise.  

How do I make a property dispute claim?

The process for making a property dispute claim is simple. Follow the steps below:

  • Contact us – once you’ve been unable to come to a suitable arrangement amicably with the relevant party, you should contact us straight away so that we can start your claim.
  • Negotiate – our expert team will provide guidance and advice throughout the process. We start by opening negotiations with the other parties involved, with the aim of finding a solution before the matter goes to court. 
  • Finding a solution – we find a solution that benefits you, whether that is through mediation with the other party, or by taking the matter further. 


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Why choose Hodge Jones & Allen Solicitors?

Our commercial property dispute solicitors are leaders in their field, offering guidance you can trust and that is tailored to your situation. 

We are highly regarded specialists and independently recognised as leaders in the field by Legal 500 and Chambers & Partners. 

With over four decades’ experience in the area, our team create a clear and concise strategy for helping you resolve your issue. We’re always transparent about costs too and will keep you informed of fees throughout.

Featured case

Our client purchased a property from the local authority under the right to buy. She assumed that this included the land right in front of the property which was used for parking. She rented the property out and also rented out the parking space. Subsequently, a neighbour raised issues that she had no right to use the land for parking as she did not own it.

The outcome:

We successfully made an application for adverse possession of the land.


Frequently asked questions

I bought a property with a friend, but they have moved out and not paid the mortgage. Can I just sell the property now?

If they’re on the legal title you will need their consent or a court order (to confirm that they no longer have any beneficial) interest in the property. You should check to see if you have any evidence of any agreement that when they moved out, they were giving up their share.

You should get them to come off the legal title in good time before you seek to sell in case this compromises on any deadlines.

A developer has purchased the neighbouring land and is proposing to develop the land to include a high-rise tower. I am afraid that it will block the light into my property. Is there anything I can do to stop this?

In the first instance you need to establish whether you have a ‘right to light’ which only applies to certain parts of your property. This can be affected by any changes/adaptations/renovations carried out to the property over the course of time.

You then need to assess how much the proposed development will affect the right of light into your property. This is a very complicated task usually undertaken by an expert surveyor.

If proceedings are necessary, the court has a number of options, which include the power to stop the development or to allow the development to proceed but provide damages in compensation.

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