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If you are contacted by the police, Serious Fraud office, the National Crime Agency or any other regulator, you should contact us as soon as possible. We have decades of experience of fighting for our clients rights and holding the authorities to account.

We know the tactics, procedures and policies of each law enforcement agency. We can advise you about the best course of action for you or your company.

Each client will have different considerations in how to deal with an investigation and our service is tailored to meet each individual client’s requirements. Our lawyers are supportive and empathetic, knowing that the most valuable asset in any defence is in fact the client themselves. They are at the heart of how we conduct our cases. We know that it is often important to our clients that we keep our cases out the media spotlight and we are experienced at managing your reputation.

We have specialised and highly trained lawyers that can represent you at a police station or any interview under caution.

Many cases are now “Released Under Investigation” and one the strategic issues that we assist client to consider is whether to await the outcome of the investigation or proactively provide information and make representations to the investigators. This is not a straight forward decision and requires specialist advice.

We know how and when to:

  • Negotiate with the authorities
  • Scrutinise or criticise their actions
  • Robustly assert your rights
  • Proactively build up your case

“Hodge Jones Allen Lawyers have made countless representations in cases with favourable outcomes for their clients”

Specialist Youth Experience

This is particularly important if you are a youth as special consideration should be given to diverting people away from the Criminal Justice System. Hodge Jones Allen has a specialist Youth Team who have the skills, experience and knowledge in youth law.

Seek legal advice

On many occasions, it is not the police, the SFO, NCA or other investigator who will contact you first – it could be your employer with an internal corporate investigation. It is absolutely essential that you get the right advice immediately. Decisions taken at this early stage can have a profound impact on subsequent criminal proceedings. We are used to dealing with these complex issues and working with our Employment Team, in considering both employment issues and seeking to avoid criminal litigation.

Criminal investigations

Similar issues arise with investigations by regulators into companies or individuals. Investigations by Regulators can be linked to criminal investigations and having the right advice from the outset is key.

Alternatively, you may first become aware during a dawn raid. This will be the trigger for a wider investigation and could lead to arrests or seizure of material. We will review any search warrant and consider any legal challenges in a complex and developing area of law.

Building a defence

As the investigation draws to a close, potential prosecutors have to consider whether there is sufficient evidence to prosecute and whether it is in the public interest to prosecute. This decision should be taken in accordance with the Code for Crown Prosecutors (although a CPS document, the guidance is followed by most prosecutors). In addition, there are different guidelines for different offences. This provides an opportunity for pro active defence lawyers to make representations to the prosecutor not to continue the case.

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Featured Client Cases

Featured Case

Instructed by an Executive in a leading bank investment who was threatened with arrest for shoplifting. By acting quickly and decisively, we ensured that there was no arrest and by forcing the police to act quickly, we could show that there was a clear example of mistaken identity.

Featured Case

Instructed by son of a high profile foreign politician who had been arrested at a nightclub for possession of drugs with intent to supply. Following police station attendance, further evidence collected and representations made with result that he was cautioned for simple supply.

Featured Case

Instructed by youth who had been accused of possession of imitation firearm with intent to cause fear of violence Representations were made and the client was diverted away from the Criminal Justice System and avoided any criminal record.

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