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Drug Offences

HJA are widely acknowledged as amongst the UK’s best criminal defence lawyers. Our criminal defence team consists of a wide range of lawyers who are extremely experienced in every possible type of criminal defence of a drugs case, ranging from the more simple possession of drugs matters, to the most complex and serious drug importations ever prosecuted in the UK.

There are an enormously wide range of drug related circumstances that could lead to an investigation or prosecution. As a result, there are an array of criminal offences that relate to illegal drugs in the UK. All of these offences must be taken seriously and require careful consideration and advice from a specialist lawyer. HJA are on hand 24 hours a day to provide advice on the entire range of circumstances. Call the team on 0808 223 0980

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Why Hodge Jones & Allen?

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Our reputation is based on decades of representing those accused of drug offences and our lawyers make sure that they deal with the individual circumstances of each case to achieve the best outcome possible. We achieve those results by scrutinising the different types of police or prosecutions actions, making them accountable and ensuring that they observe the rules and act in a fair way.

  • Leading law firm

We can check that drug analysis has been properly carried out and all police operations have been properly authorised. These types of arguments can often lead to the collapse of a criminal case. If your case does proceed to trial, then we are acknowledged as the leading criminal trial lawyers in the UK and we will ensure that your case is presented in the clearest and most persuasive way.

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It is important that you instruct us as soon as possible. Our specialist police station representatives are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. An experienced lawyer will make sure that there is a strategy in place to get the best possible outcome in court.

The different types of drug offences

There are numerous drug related offences that are open to an investigating or prosecuting agency to consider. The most relevant law relating to this is The Misuse of Drugs Act 1971. This is the source of most the drugs related offences in the UK. The offences include:

  • Possession of controlled drugs

It is an offence to be in possession of some substances if they are controlled under the Misuse of Drugs Act. Depending upon the type of drug, the penalty for possessing drugs for your own use is often a fine. However, any conviction can have important consequences. We understand the effect that such a conviction will have on your reputation or your career.

As part of our service we can advise you on professional or regulatory matters that arise. We are proactive from the start of any investigation. If at all possible, we seek to avoid you being arrested and avoid the consequences of that arrest, such as having DNA samples stored on a police database. A conviction can affect your travel to places such as US, so we make sure that that we know how any action by the police will affect your life.

The types of substances that are banned under this act fall into three distinct categories:

  • Class A Drugs, which includes cocaine, ecstasy and heroin
  • Class B drugs, which includes amphetamines, cannabis and ketamine
  • Class C drugs, which includes steroids and khat

The order of the classification reflects the perception of seriousness and harm that each class of drug can cause.

  • Supplying or importing drugs

Supplying drugs, or even possessing drugs with the intention to supply them, are serious offences and can result in long prison terms. Even supplying to your friends for no profit (sometimes called social supply) is an offence and can mean that you are at risk of prison. It is even more serious if you are accused of supplying drugs to make money, as this will impact the type of sentence that the court can impose.

HJA lawyers have defended some of the largest and high profile drug trafficking/drug importation cases in the UK. We have a proven track record of reviewing large amounts of information and identifying the key evidence against defendants. We always conduct detailed analysis of the evidence to identify all weaknesses in the prosecution case. We challenge police operations to ensure that undercover operations have been properly authorised and conducted, including carrying out detailed reviews of police observation logs, telephone and cell-site information. Using our experience, we check for gaps in the prosecution case or identify evidence to support the defence case.

  • Other drug offences

Drug offences can also include the production, manufacturing, cultivating or producing of those drugs. For example, our lawyers have represented those accused of owning or controlling cannabis farms or allowing their premises to be used for these purposes.

There are also a range of offences under the Psychoactive Substances Act 2016. This act introduced a number of new drugs offences relating to importation and supply of psychoactive substances. This includes possession with intent to supply psychoactive substances. Similarly, the Psychoactive Substances Act 2016 makes it an offence to possess these substances in a custodian institution such as a prison or a young offenders centre. HJA lawyers are experts in each drug offence and how to best protect your interests.

Prescription only drug related offences

There is also the Medicines Act 1968 and the Human Medicines Regulations 2012 which created criminal offences in connection with the wholesale supply of prescription only drugs. The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) supervises and regulates the prescription of drugs and has the power to commence criminal prosecutions under:

  • The Human Medicines Regulations 2012
  • The Trade Marks Act 1994
  • The Proceeds of Crime Act 2002.

There are potential offences related to the illegal and unlawful activity involving medicines and their availability for the following activities:

  • Manufacture
  • Import
  • Sale
  • Supply
  • Administration of prescription only drugs.

You could face criminal prosecution by the MHRA if you:

  • Manufacture or engage in the wholesale supply of prescription drugs without a valid wholesale dealers licence
  • Sell or possess for sale an unauthorised medicinal product
  • Supply counterfeit medicine and related fraud act offences
  • Issue an advertisement for a relevant medicinal product in respect of which there is no marketing authorisation
  • Issue an advertisement that does not comply with the particulars listed in the summary of product characteristics (advertise an off label usage)

In connection with these types of allegations, we can act for you in an investigation or prosecution by the MHRA with to:

  • Securing the taking of no further action by the MHRA
  • Identifying defences that you may have available to you
  • Negotiating with a prosecuting agency to secure a civil outcome and to avoid criminal proceedings

We can act for and advise:

  • Businesses and company directors
  • Doctors
  • Dentists
  • Any supplementary prescriber
  • Nurses
  • Pharmacists
  • Optometrists
  • Podiatrists
  • Paramedics

We have a niche team of lawyers who can assist medical and healthcare professionals with allegations of potential criminal offences in the course of their job.

Drugs and Money

Many drugs offences are often prosecuted in tandem with offences relating to financial crime, for example money laundering. HJA lawyers are able to provide expert representation in these circumstances to guide you through both drugs offences and any connected money laundering charges, where the prosecution allege the laundering of the proceeds of drug related activity.

Equally, where someone is convicted of drugs related offences, they will face confiscation proceedings under the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002. The prosecution may seek to conduct a detailed financial inquiry, for example, to look for unexplained cash or evidence of a criminal lifestyle. They can also seek to restrain assets that are connected to those accused of drug offences or even confiscate assets after conviction. Our lawyers, with specialist training and expertise, advise and assist on these matters.

Featured Client Cases

Featured Case

Conspiracy to import cocaine

D was accused of being part of large conspiracy to import cocaine from Colombia. Drugs had allegedly been placed under the hull of a ship and D was accused of seeking to retrieve the drugs by hiring a 1 person submarine. The case against D was dropped after flaws were pointed out in the prosecution’s case.

Featured Case

Large scale drugs importation

Acting for defendant in large scale drugs importation, circa £20 million pounds of cocaine. Large scale international investigation including undercover operations and evidence obtained from a number of different legal jurisdictions. Successful disclosure requests led to collapse of the case with the crown prosecution service offering no further evidence against our client despite a lengthy investigation involving hundreds of thousands of pages spanning nearly a decade.

Featured Case

Possession of drugs with intent to supply

C was son of a high profile foreign politician who was arrested at a nightclub for possession of drugs with intent to supply. Following representations from Hodge Jones & Allen Solicitors lawyers, the police agreed to caution him for simple possession and avoided any court hearings and any adverse media.

Featured Case

Drugs and Firearms

Multi defendant case involving both drugs and firearms – complex forensic drug reports, telephone evidence (calls and cell site) banking evidence and involved numerous legal argument. Through Hodge Jones & Allen’s persistence, client got lowest possible sentence.

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