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How Much Is My Personal Injury Claim Worth?

When calculating your Personal Injury claim, consideration is given to two areas:

  1. Pain, suffering and loss of amenity i.e. your injuries and the impact upon your daily life style; and
  2. Out of pocket expenses or ‘special damages’. Documentary evidence where possible will need to be provided for example, wage slips/receipts/invoices.

The value of a claim is based on the individual facts around your personal injury case i.e. the nature of the injuries sustained, the period of pain and suffering, the impact on your ability to work, how much care and assistance has been required and the impact upon carrying out day-to-day tasks. Expert medical evidence will also be required too.

The value of out of pocket expenses will depend upon for example, the amount of time taken off work due to the injuries, items purchased due to the injuries, treatment costs, travel expenses etc.

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    Guide to a level of compensation

    Below are outline guide amounts of the level of compensation that may be calculated and awarded for different types of injuries. It is important to note that the figures are a starting point only and are not guaranteed as every case is different. Specialist medical evidence may be needed too, before it is possible provide a full valuation of your case.

    Guide Amount (Mild/minor to severe injuries)

    Brain/Head injuries £2,070 to £379,100
    Neck injuries £1,000 to £19,210
    Back injuries £1,000 to £151,070
    Shoulder injuries £1,000 to £45,070
    Arm injuries £6,190 to £255,930
    Elbow injuries £3,310 to £51,460
    Wrist injuries £3,310 to £56,180
    Hand injuries £1,000 to £189,110
    Pelvis/Hips injuries £1,000 to £122,860
    Leg injuries £2,300 to £246,650
    Knee injuries £2,000 to £90,290
    Ankle injuries £2,000 to £46,980
    Toe injuries £1,000 to £52,620
    Foot injuries £2,000 to £102,890
    Facial injuries £3,710 to £91,350
    Body scarring £2,220 to £98,380
    Psychological injuries £1,440 to £108,620
    PTSD £3,710 to £94,470


    The full guidelines figures are available within the Judicial College Guidelines 15th Edition.

    The Judicial College Guidelines also include specific sections for other complex injuries such as facial fractures, impact on senses such as sight, hearing, smell and taste, organ injuries to include the heart, lungs, stomach, kidneys and bladder and reproductive organs.

    "Thanks to the hard work of HJA, and in particular Sarah Townsend, I have agreed a substantial out of court settlement for my personal injury claim. Sarah took care of myself and my case offering advice, support, and assistance in absolutely everything throughout. I never felt I was just a client number, I always felt Sarah was personally looking out for myself and my family. Nothing was too much trouble. I was constantly kept informed and updated of any developments, whilst Sarah battled away behind the scenes on my behalf- she gave me great confidence and faith. I have no hesitation in recommending this company and its team(s) to anybody thinking of engaging them."

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