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Falsely Accused of Crime

Other Organisations

Raj Chada
Edward Jones
Gary Monks
Graeme Hydari
Jennifer Siddorn
Jessica Davis
Kerry Spence
Kiran Mehta
Mike Schwarz
Ruth Harris

As well as acting for individuals that are allegedly connected to different campaigns (as shown in our case studies), we’ve worked with a number of other organisations that provide support and assistance to defendants, or who produce reports that may be useful to defendants.

Other organisations


Netpol seeks to monitor public order, protest and street policing, and resist policing that’s excessive, discriminatory, or threatens civil rights.

Green and Black Cross Legal

GBC Legal often provide legal observers. They produce their own “bust cards” for demos and provide legal support for those arrested.

Legal Defence Monitoring Group (LDMG)

LDMG often work with GBC Legal and can provide court support.

Traveller Solidarity Network.


Organisation to protect human rights and civil liberties in the UK.

Amnesty International

Leading human rights organization that produces expert reports in relation to human rights abuses.

Human Rights Watch

Organization dedicated to defending and protecting human rights.

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