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About Declan Storrar

Declan joined Hodge, Jones & Allen in 2021 as a Paralegal in the Housing department. Since his induction, he has effectively managed cases within the County Court and the Court of Appeal, handling a variety of issues including Homelessness, Discrimination, Possession, and Disrepair.

In June 2024, Declan qualified as a solicitor in the senior courts of England and Wales and now work within our Dispute Resolution team. His extensive experience in property disputes allows him to skilfully represent clients in matters relating to both residential and commercial properties.

Beyond property disputes, Declan also specialises in handling disputes related to defamation, breach of contract, professional negligence, and numerous other civil actions.

"Declan at Hodge Jones & Allen is an A+++++++! He is an absolute pleasure to work with, kept me at ease through-out the process, ensured frequent updates, and was exceptionally informative. Keep up the good work Declan! Thank you :)"

Client Comments

  • “I dealt with the housing department, a man named Declan who was assisting my original Solicitor but took over the matter from her. I can say Declan was at all times, professional, transparent and informative. He took time to fully breakdown and explain processes, expectations, possible delays with outcomes, and fees incurred or to be incurred.”
  • “Declan is very efficient and prompt with communication . He made me feel very supported through out the whole process and I’m so pleased with the outcome . He was professional and honest with expected outcomes .10/10 for Declan!”
  • “This company did their best to assist me on a complicated matter, and reached the best possible outcome.”
  • “All contact with my handler Declan was always informative, clear and enjoyable. Very reassuring person. A great deal of Patience was exercised by him as I asked a million and one questions. Was a great resource as I would make further inquiries and get back to me on even secondary/side issues. I would definitely come back to the firm because of Declan’s work.”
  • I had lost hope as the council was going back and forth on the other hand Declan was focused and determined on what needs to be done so I am was positive that the case will be successful. Today I am pleased to inform you that he overturned the Intentionally Homeless decision ….Thanks Declan
  • “HJA [Declan] took time and care to understand my elderly mother’s case. They were always considerate and approachable, ready to revisit assumptions, ready to explore different scenarios, and clear in their explanations.”
  • “Excellent can’t thank them enough for preventing myself and my daughter from being evicted by our housing association; would recommend them to anybody else going through repossession. Without them, we would be homeless right now. Thank you so much Siddiq Fazaluddin, we are forever in your debt, your guidance and support throughout this ordeal was excellent and gave us hope when it seemed all was against us. Not forgetting our Barrister Imogen and assistant Declan. Thank you so much for such a great job.”

“I cannot find words to explain my most dark days that Declan turned into a white magical journey.
I have been looking for words to describe Declan and how he is and I came up with hundreds of words which will not fit on this page. So what I have done is looked up the meaning of Declan and this is what I found
man of prayer” or “full of goodness.”
Which explains all the hundreds of words I have in been searching for in a short and very clear way.
Declan has been so professional on the journey we took on together and with all my heart I would not just recommend but command every single person on this planet who is homeless and has a disability and to call out Declan’s name because he will not let you go at all and fight your case to the end as long as you believe in him.
There are no ifs, buts, or, maybe in Declan’s dictionary it always very smart and knows his next moves and reassures you on the way that we will get there and we did for sure.
There is nothing Declan cannot solve he will find one way or another and sort it all out.
Homeless journey cases are like being on a rollercoaster so please don’t give up hang on to Declan and you will be safe and fine trust his words and believe in the end your journey is going to end and always think of the end because that’s what I did.
There will very stressful days when you think of the end and working as a team with Declan you as a client and Declan on the other side the outcome is Heaven.
Because now today if I’m sitting in my new home with a lift in my house for my wheelchair and everything adapted to my needs makes me cry and pray for Declan every day.

I call him Our Most Precious Declan.
I’m in my new home today because of Declan’s hard work.
In my complicated case, Declan was the only person who was always on the front scenes and always there on the phone when we needed him.
Declan you are the Star of 2023 I will gift you a crown to walk around with because you so deserve it.
I hope all your wishes you have in your heart becomes true on full speed.
We couldn’t have done this without you and your most beautiful smile and respectful manner.
Thank you, Declan thank you so much I’m so glad we met you and always remember when we first spoke on the phone and met in 2022 summer your positive words and reassurance was the key to the doors we have today🙏
Lots of hugs from me and my family”

Career & Personal Interests


  • Dispute Resolution Solicitor, Hodge Jones & Allen, June 2024 – Present
  • Dispute Resolution Fee Earning Paralegal, Hodge Jones & Allen, December 2023 – June 2024
  • Housing Fee Earning Paralegal, Hodge Jones & Allen, April 2021 – December 2023
  • Specialist Adviser (Housing and Welfare Rights), Citizens Advice, September 2019 – April 2021


  • Solicitors Qualifying Exam 2 – January 2024
  • Legal Practice Course with Masters (LPC LLM), The University of Law, 2018 – 2019
  • Bachelors of Law LLB (Honours), The Open University, 2013 – 2018

Personal Interests

Declan is a keen fitness fanatic who attends the gym 6 days a week, plays tennis and completes in archery tournaments. He previously shot competitively for Archery GB but now shoots for recreational purposes only.

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