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About Alice Goodenough

Alice has a wide range of legal experience, with a speciality in human rights, environmental and international law. Having worked as a solicitor and as a legal adviser to an international human rights NGO, she has a broad understanding of client’s needs and campaign priorities.

While working for Harrison Grant, she has represented numerous individuals, charities, local authorities and campaign organisations in a wide range of public interest cases, including challenging the government’s decision to support a third runway at Heathrow and challenging the government’s policy on nuclear power.

She has extensive experience in information rights cases, including appeals to the Information Commissioner and before the Information Tribunal (for example, whether the Duchy of Cornwall is a public authority). She has recently been involved in challenging the Cabinet Office’s decision to withhold a report on fracking.

Alice worked for an international human rights NGO in their Middle East and North Africa Programme. She also spent time working for a human rights NGO seeking to uphold international law in the context of the Israel/Palestine conflict.