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Lisa Judd

Lisa Judd | Partner 020 7874 8365

I have nearly 15 years’ experience in advising on all aspects of employment law for individuals and a range of businesses.

My specialisms include providing practical, commercial and responsive advice and guidance in the following areas:

  • drafting, reviewing and negotiating settlement (compromise) agreements and severance packages;
  • managing day-to-day employment issues such as disciplinary, ill-health, capability, redundancy and grievance procedures;
  • drafting, reviewing, negotiating and advising on employment contracts, directors’ service agreements, consultancy agreements, policies and procedures;
  • advising on post-termination restrictions, garden leave clauses, confidentiality and intellectual property;
  • advising on TUPE and corporate transactions;
  • advising on redundancy and business reorganisations or sale of a business;
  • advising on dismissal, discrimination and harassment claims including representation in proceedings in employment tribunals; and
  • advising on changes to terms of employment, breach of contract disputes including pay and bonus disputes.

I am a member of the Employment Lawyers Association


  • BA Anglia Polytechnic University


  • Fisher Meredith
  • Thackray Williams LLP
  • Bowling and Co
  • Trained at Bates Travell (now BTMK) in London/Southend.

Client comments

  • “If you find yourself in need of a solicitor then I would highly recommend Lisa. She will quickly get to the heart of your matter and present the options to you in refreshingly clear English. She will fight your corner and obtain the best outcome for you. Altogether Excellent”
  • “I would trust Lisa with any employment law matter – she really knows her stuff, responds quickly and is very easy to work with. More importantly, her advice is pragmatic, comprehensive yet concise and always takes into account your specific aims. I’ve recommended her to others and have no hesitation in doing so.”

Notable cases

For Claimants/Employees

  • At mediation settling a constructive dismissal /whistle-blowing and High Court breach of contract (non-payment of bonus) claim for in excess of £100k.
  • Increasing the overall value of a severance package offered under a settlement agreement by our employee client’s employer by nearly £40k, and regularly increasing the value of such packages by in excess of £10k (often at no or extremely modest cost to the client concerned).
  • Achieving a negotiated settlement of between £80-90k within employment tribunal proceedings for unfair dismissal, sex discrimination, harassment and victimization and equal pay for a member of the senior managing team of an educational establishment.
  • For an employee client dismissed as a result of a work related injury, achieving settlement of an unfair dismissal /disability discrimination claim and a breach of contract claim relating to permanent health insurance for over £50k, my cross referral to our Person Injury department increasing the compensation achieved for this client to circa £100k.
  • Negotiating a severance package for our employee client worth 2 years’ pay in a case involving alleged sexual orientation discrimination and disciplinary suspension against the backdrop of a criminal prosecution (resulting in acquittal).
  • Asserting and settling a claim for associative pregnancy discrimination.
  • Achieving settlement of an unfair dismissal and whistle-blowing claim for over £60k for a doctor client engaged by one of the major healthcare providers/insurers on a “consultancy contract” – where as expected our client’s employment status was disputed. Also obliging the employer to assist our client with his application for specialist registration.
  • In a £400k+ High Court claim by my client’s former employer for employee fraud / cheque misappropriation including a freezing injunction I negotiated a settlement for a fraction of the sum claimed, where as part of the settlement the claimant employer will not be actively pursuing police prosecution, optimizing my client’s ability to start over and preserving his home.
  • Negotiating a severance package of between £30-40k for an employee being forced to retire (before the abolition of the default retirement age) who was alleging unfair dismissal and age discrimination.
  • Representing an employee made redundant after the contract he was working on (and with it his employment) was transferred between employers in a retendering exercise, I achieved a settlement of over £30k (including a protective award of 13 weeks pay) after bringing employment tribunal claims for unfair dismissal and for the transferor and transferee employers’ failures to inform and consult ( as required by the Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) Regulations – “TUPE”).
  • Achieving a settlement of £30-40k for an employee dismissed by her employer (a bank) without their making reasonable adjustments on account of her disabilities (including work related stress/anxiety and depression).
  • Successfully opposing our client’s proposed transfer onto the Independent Safeguarding Authority’s Children Barred List
  • Mid- trial securing a client, dismissed for gross misconduct (alleged involvement in fraudulent use of the employer’s resources/public funds) compensation for unfair dismissal /sex discrimination equivalent to just shy of 2 years’ of the client’s salary (tax structured so it was received tax free), plus a good contractually agreed reference and the retraction of any allegation of misconduct, and the reclassification of the termination as “voluntary severance”.
  • Securing and successfully retaining a default judgement after a PHR where the employer failed to file its ET3 in time, going on to secure an award of damages exceeding £30k for unfair dismissal and whistle-blowing.
  • In the final few days pre-trial, settling a sexual harassment and whistle-blowing claim brought by a self-employed pub landlady /franchisee against her “employer” and various members of its senior management utilising the wider definition of “employee” within this legislation after the client’s initial solicitors had overlooked that she had this claim.
  • Settling a disability discrimination claim against a PLC for £40-50k for an employee with a number of disabilities (including back problems, ulcerative colitis and stress/anxiety and depression). The employee concerned also received £3k compensation because her LEI’s panel firm initially advised she had no claims with reasonable prospects and had failed to return her calls on the last working day pre-limitation. We identified the client’s claims over the telephone and were instructed on Friday afternoon with limitation on some of the client’s claims at midnight on the Sunday. Her factually complex pleaded claim included claims for direct, indirect and disability related discrimination, harassment, victimization and failure to make reasonable adjustments.
  • Persuading the lawyer for Regulator in Professional Regulatory (fitness to practice) Proceedings to recommend a “no sanction” outcome.
  • Twice obliging a Permanent Health Insurer to reinstate discontinued permanent health insurance benefits potentially worth £2m to retirement to our employee client.

For Respondents/Employers

  • On a multi party breach of contract claim relating to revised employment particulars and varied bonus arrangements securing the withdrawal of most of the claims and settling the remaining couple for an extremely modest sum – mere nuisance value
  • Sizeably reducing / deflecting lengthy backdated holiday pay claims intimated or brought by a number of our employer client’s employees, and successfully managing/containing the risk of the rest of the client’s watching employed workforce following suit with similar claims, eradicating most of our client’s very significant potential liability.
  • Advising on individual and group redundancy exercises.
  • Following a contested tribunal hearing, entirely defeating a claim for automatically unfair dismissal / sex (maternity) discrimination.

I tend to do less litigation for employer clients. This is because when they come to me for advice before they take any action invariably I am able to manage the situation so there are no consequential claims. I offer a service whereby I ghost write any significant letters and oversee every stage in my employer clients’ internal processes, minimising the aggravation and input of management time which handling disciplinary or grievance proceedings or a termination might otherwise entail.

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