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About Hermione Cox

  • “I’ve not been placed in custody but instead have a community sentence. I’d would like to thank Hermione, Graeme, my Counsel and everyone else who have worked hard on my case to bring this about and ensure the best outcome for me. I’m incredibly grateful for all your efforts and I will be sure to make good on that and make the best of the opportunity provided by your efforts.”
  • “During the very long wait for my Tribunal Appeal – against a decision of the DWP not to award me the new disability benefit known as PIP – to be listed, Peter Todd made the very kind and much appreciated offer of becoming represented, on a pro bono basis, by a Trainee Solicitor, Hermione Cox. Whilst such hearings were new to both of us, I recognised that much hung upon the outcome of this Appeal. What I did not appreciate, before Ms Cox became involved and set about re-focusing and strengthening the grounds of my Appeal, was the extent to which my own efforts to argue my case in writing, were both misdirected and irrelevant to matters that in law, would critically determine its outcome. Ms Cox not only invested the time necessary to re-focus and strengthen my grounds for overturning the original decision, she demonstrated that even in this more modest area of seeking legal redress, her abilities and skills were despite still being a trainee, critical in determining the outcome. I am pleased to say that this will make all the difference to my daily life. I have every reason to be grateful to Hermione Cox and Peter Todd of HJA for making this possible, and at no cost.”


Pro Bono

Hermione volunteers at the Citizens Advice Bureau in Camden, assisting with Housing and Employment sessions. She also represents disabled clients at the Social Security and Child Support Appeals Tribunal challenging refusals to award Personal Independence Payments (PIP).