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About Edward Jones

Edward joined the firm in 2009 as a qualified solicitor and has been a partner since 2016. He comes originally from North Wales and is a third generation solicitor, following in the footsteps of his late father, Mr Huw Elwyn Jones, and his late grandfather, Sir William Elwyn Edwards Jones.

Edward is a partner in the criminal defence team, specialising in serious crime, extradition and the management of personal data held by the police. He appears regularly as an advocate in the Magistrates’ court and the Crown Court and has a particular interest in representing clients with mental health issues who have committed serious offences such as attempted murder and wounding with intent. He is an experienced duty solicitor and Higher Rights Advocate, which means that he is able to represent clients in the highly specialised and high-pressure forum of the Crown Court. He is also a recognised specialist in extradition law and ranked as such in Chambers & Partners. He regularly appears as an advocate in extradition proceedings in the Westminster Magistrates’ court and regularly litigates extradition cases in the High Court. He has also appeared as advocate in the Court of Appeal (Criminal Division) in appeals against sentence and conviction and in the Administrative Court in appeals against extradition orders.

Edward is a trail-blazer in the burgeoning field of managing criminal records. The GDPR and Data Protection Act 2018 have exponentially increased people’s awareness of the circumstances in which organisations process their personal data. The police are able to collect and retain a huge amount of an individual’s personal data upon arrest and Edward is an expert at making applications to the police to have incorrect personal data amended or to have personal data that is held unlawfully to be deleted. In particular, Edward has developed a specialism in the complex task of applying to delete unlawfully administered police cautions from the Police National Computer. Edward is also a specialist in advising upon Disclosure & Barring Service certificates and applications to remove individuals from the Children’s & Adults’ Barred List.

"He knows the law inside out and is realistic in his advice." "Ed is a talented extradition lawyer and someone you would want on your side." Chambers UK, 2022

“fantastic and extremely experienced, with an astute legal mind.” Chambers UK, 2021

“Sources speak highly of him as someone who is “very good at maintaining a rapport with clients as well as judges and other parties who may be involved in a case.” Chambers UK, 2019

Listed as a “rising star” in Super Lawyers 2013 and ranked as an extradition specialist in Chambers UK, 2019.

Edward is also ranked in Chambers UK 2022 and recommended by Legal 500, 2017.

He is co-author of a leading book on the subject, Privacy, Criminal Records & The Criminal Justice System (Bloomsbury).

Notable Crime Cases

  • R V S [2019] Harrow Crown Court – Edward acted as the Crown Court advocate for a young man accused of intentionally wounding two police officers with a screwdriver. Edward successfully argued that the client should not receive a prison sentence and should receive medical treatment for his mental health condition instead because the client was very mentally unwell at the time of the incident.
  • R V M [2019] Woolwich Crown Court – Edward appeared as the Crown Court advocate for a man accused of intentionally wounding a family member in a serious knife attack. Edward successfully argued that the client was so mentally unwell at the time of the incident that he should be held to have been legally “insane” at the time and rather than a custodial sentence he should be sent for treatment in a hospital.
  • R V A [2018] Central Criminal Court – Edward acted for a young man accused of murder in a case at the Old Bailey. The allegation arose from a stabbing incident that had taken place in a park in South East London.
  • R V D [2018] Croydon Crown Court – Edward acted for a man accused of conspiracy to commit murder. The allegation arose from a shooting incident on a street in Croydon. Largely due to the advice that Edward gave the client at the police station the case had to be discontinued by the Crown due to lack of evidence.
  • R V B & Othrs [2016] Central Criminal Court – Edward acted for the lead defendant in a large banking fraud case prosecuted at the Old Bailey. The client pleaded guilty and was given a sentence of 3 years 9 month. The case involved a huge amount of documentary evidence and required an examination of Santander’s internal account management procedures.
  • R V M & Othrs [2016] Leeds Crown Court – Edward acted for a lead defendant accused of taking part in a nationwide “courier fraud” with Siobhan Grey QC of Doughty Street Chambers instructed as counsel.
  • R V A & Othrs [2015] Maidstone Crown Court – Edward acted for the lead defendant in a major drug-smuggling operation which involved importing high-purity cocaine in airline food-trolleys. The Crown applied to the court for an order that the client pay a sum in excess of £ 1,000,000 by way of confiscation but this was reduced on a contested confiscation hearing to just over £ 100,000. A major achievement. Mirror, 2015
  • Edward represented several defendants in several trials of protesters arising out of actions carried out during the NATO summit in South Wales during September 2014 – the most notable one being at Newport Magistrates’ court when he represented three of four defendants who were all acquitted following successful legal arguments advanced by him involving highly technical areas of Public Order legislation. South Wales Argus, 2014
  • Edward represented a man who was accused of assaulting the then UKIP leader Nigel Farage. The client pleaded guilty to common assault and Edward was able to persuade the court to pass a lenient sentence. BBC, 2014 & Kent Online, 2014
  • R V Bala & others [2013] Canterbury Crown Court – Edward acted as junior counsel (being led by Queen’s Counsel Isabella Forshall of Doughty Street Chambers) in a multi-handed large-scale conspiracy to commit breaches of immigration law. He represented the third defendant on the indictment and she was the first defendant to be acquitted unanimously by the jury. Daily Mail, 2013  
  • R V Speed [2013] EWCA (Crim) 1650 – Edward appeared as advocate in the Court of Appeal (Criminal Division) in an appeal against conviction (having been granted leave to appeal following argument before the Full Court – an achievement in itself) Bailii, 2013 
  • R V B [2012] EWCA Crim 2596 – Edward appeared as advocate in the Court of Appeal (Criminal Division) in an appeal against sentence involving a 16 year old boy.
  • R V T & Othrs [2012] Snaresbrook Crown Court – Edward represented two Portuguese women accused of taking part in a conspiracy to facilitate breaches of UK immigration law by non-EU nationals by entering into “sham” marriages with Bangladeshi men. The clients both entered guilty pleas and were awarded very short and lenient sentences by the judge. Daily Mail, 2012 
  • R V Speed & Othrs [2011] Snaresbrook Crown Court – Edward acted for a defendant who was one of over 20 charged on the same indictment with conspiracy to commit armed robberies. The client was accused of being part of an organised gang committing robberies at various locations throughout the South East of England. The case against the client was eventually dismissed before even getting to trial due to lack of evidence following legal argument. A Flying Squad officer described the gang as “one of the hardest we have ever targeted.” The case featured on the BBC programme “Catch Me If You Can: Armed Robbers.”

Notable Extradition Cases

  • Charles Ejinyere V (1) Government of the USA (2) Secretary of State for the Home Department [2018] EWHC 2841 (Admin) – Mr Ejinyere faced extradition to the USA to be prosecuted for fraud offences. It was alleged in the USA that he had defrauded the Inland Revenue Service of hundreds of thousands of dollars by submitting false requests for income tax refunds from individuals by using stolen personal data. The case is notable because it contributed to the growing body of extradition case law concerning the “forum” bar.
  • Nicky Paul Mitchell V (1) Government of the USA (2) Secretary of State for the Home Department [2016] EWHC 2649 (Admin) – Mr Mitchell faced extradition to the USA be prosecuted for an offence of distributing child pornography under federal legislation. The case is notable because it contributed to the growing body of extradition case law concerning Article 5 of the European Convention of Human Rights as it relates to the practice of “civil commitment” in the USA, which is the continued detention of sex offenders after their prison sentences have been completed.
  • Bashir Ahmed V Public Prosecutor of Landshut, Germany [2016] EWHC 400 (Admin) – a case adding to the case law surrounding the s 12A “lack of prosecution decision” bar to extradition.
  • Mohammed Balaeiharis V The Public Prosecutor, Court of Appeal, Athens [2015] EWHC 3702 (Admin) – a complex case involving alleged breaches of Article 3 and 6 of the European Convention on Human Rights. The court was almost persuaded that the client’s Article 3 rights would be violated if his extradition to Greece were ordered, but ordered extradition following assurance given by the Greek authorities that he would be held in Article 3 compliant conditions.
  • Wisniewski V Regional Court in Bydgoszcz, Poland [2013] EWHC 2041 – Edward appeared as advocate in the High Court in an appeal against an extradition order (with the judge commenting specifically on the attractiveness of his submissions).
  • Aldhouse V Royal Government of Thailand [2012] EWCH 3385 (Admin) – Edward represented the appellant in the substantive case that followed on from the success of the appeal on the procedural point. This was the first Thai extradition request to be heard by the UK courts. The appellant’s extradition was ordered but assurances as to his good treatment whilst in Thai custody were obtained from the Thai government.
  • The Queen on the Application of Aldhouse V Royal Government of Thailand [2012] EWHC 191 (Admin) – Edward represented the appellant in a Thai extradition case. The court held that the appellant should be allowed to remedy a failure by his previous solicitors to serve notice of appeal on the Home Office within the 14 day statutory time period, thereby allowing his case to proceed to be heard on the merits.

Notable Unreported Cases

  • The Government of Turkey V Z – Edward acted for a client wanted in Turkey to serve a prison sentence for false ID offences. He argued that the client would be at risk of human rights abuses in Turkish custody because of conditions generally but also specifically because of the client’s minority Alawite faith. The case was ultimately withdrawn by the Turkish government.
  • The Government of Albania V A – Edward acted for a client who was wanted in Albania to serve a prison sentence for a double murder that took place in 1993. The allegation was that the client had committed the murders as part of a “Blood Feud” with a powerful local family, or “clan”, that had amongst its members local underworld figures and politicians. The request was challenged on the basis that the Blood Feud was still in existence and that there was a real risk to the client’s life in Albanian custody.
  • The Government of Kenya V P – Edward acted for a client wanted in Kenya to be prosecuted for fraud offences dating from the 1990’s. It was alleged that the client had invested his clients’ money in Kenyan government “Treasury Bills” which had then been purchased by two large banks that subsequently collapsed, wiping out the original investments. The request was successfully challenged on the basis that it did not raise a prima facie case against the client and the passage of time was such (over 20 years) that it would be unjust to order extradition. The challenge was successful at first instance, with a District Judge at Westminster Magistrates’ Court ordering the client’s discharge from the extradition request.
  • The Government of Colombia V G – Edward acted for a client convicted in his absence of a murder in Colombia during the 1990’s. It was alleged that the client had murdered a government employee in 1995, a claim that was refuted by the fact that the client had fled Colombia in 1993 with the assistance of an NGO, been granted political asylum in the UK and had remained here ever since. The request was challenged on the basis that the prosecution was a sham designed to harass the client’s father, who was a prominent trade union activist who had been targeted by right-wing paramilitaries and the Colombian state because of his political activities. This was an extremely complicated case involving a large amount of expert evidence addressing prison conditions in Colombia and the treatment of trade union activists in Colombia, both historical and present day. The Colombian government ultimately abandoned the case due to the strong defence put up by Edward and the legal team he had assembled, which included Mr Mark Summers QC of Matrix and Ms Mary Westcott of Doughty Street Chambers. Another notable feature of the case is the fact that that evidence in support of the client’s challenge was so powerful that a judge in the High Court was minded to release the client on bail, something that was initially thought impossible in such a serious case.
  • Stephen Martin V Court of Magistrates (Gozo), Malta – this was a stunning victory for Edward and Mr Martin’s barrister, Mr Ben Cooper of Doughty Street Chambers. A UK national’s extradition from the UK was sought for him to be prosecuted for an offence of “involuntary” manslaughter in Malta. It was alleged that Mr Martin’s leadership of a scuba dive in Malta was so negligent that he caused the death of two divers. Edward came to the case following a referral from Fair Trials International. Mr Martin had been negligently advised to agree to his extradition in the lower court. It became clear to Edward after a brief conversation with Mr Martin that he had grounds to appeal the decision to extradite him therefore Edward filed an emergency application to appeal the extradition order out of time. The case involved intense lobbying from Edward and the British Sub-Aqua Club. Edward attended a meeting with the Maltese Deputy High Commissioner in London to try to impress upon him the damage that the case was doing to the Maltese scuba diving industry. Eventually, the Maltese Attorney General intervened in the case following receipt of evidence that Edward had collected and prepared and the case in Malta was stopped, with the European Arrest Warrant being withdrawn two days before the appeal hearing in the High Court. The Guardian, 17/01/2016 &The Guardian, 18/01/2016.

Notable Criminal Record Management Cases

  • Edward successfully applied to delete the criminal record of a client who had been given a final warning for an offence of robbery when the client was 16 years old.
  • Edward successfully deleted a police caution for an offence of affray that his client had been given by the police after an altercation on a night out.
  • Edward successfully deleted a police caution administered by the City of London police against his client for an offence under s 36 of the Terrorism Act 2000 given after the London Bridge attack of June 2017.
  • Edward successfully deleted a police caution administered by the British Transport Police for an offence of Common Assault. His client lived in Australia and wanted to emigrate but the presence of the caution on their ACRO Police Certificate might have caused complications with that. The successful deletion of the caution meant that the client was able to apply for a new ACRO Police Certificate that recorded them as “No Trace” on the Police National Computer.
  • Edward assisted a client in obtaining a clean Disclosure & Barring Service Certificate. The client’s original certificate disclosed that the client had a racially aggravated public order offence on his record. Edward obtained the original caution form from the police which proved that the client had been given a caution for the non-racially aggravated simpliciter version of the offence. Edward therefore requested that the DBS issue a new certificate, which was clear because the simpliciter version had by the time the application was made been “filtered” out of the client’s record.
  • Edward assisted a client with his removal from the DBS Children’s Barred list. The client had a police caution for a sexual offence on his record which was over 17 years old. Edward successfully argued that the DBS should not place his client on the Children’s Bared list because he had not re-offended at all since the caution was given to him.

Client Comments

  • “I wanted to take a moment to thank you for all of the time and effort you put into my case. It is difficult to put into words just how much your work in getting the two cautions expunged meant to me. The potential for that arrest to become a permanent barrier to my education and career led to an incredible amount of stress and worry, and I know that without your patience, expertise and persistence, I would not be in the position I am now. I am thankful every day that I am in a much better place than I was when the incident took place, and without your assistance, that simply would not have been possible. I truly appreciate everything you have done for me.”

“This firm was recommended to me, and I am so happy I went with Hodge Jones & Allen. My solicitor Edward Jones, made the whole journey smooth with his fast responses and keeping me informed every step of the way when supporting me with getting my caution removed. I am pleased to say that I would definitely and highly recommend this firm to my family & friends.

Extremely over the moon to have found them and would certainly use them again!!!!”

“It was a very long service, finally with a happy end. I would give more than 5 stars :)”

“Edward was extremely prompt and responsive on an urgent matter. I was delighted because he pushed hard and achieved a successful outcome in a tight time frame. Highly recommended.”

“Great help from Edward Jones. Conducted professionally, and in a timely manner. Would use again.”

“At first point of contact I was given plenty of time to explain my situation with one of the team. When a representative was eventually required in person the communication and advice was clear, non judgmental and efficient.”

“My solicitor Ed Jones has given me an excellent service dealing with my case, keeping me informed with every update and always fighting my corner with every avenue and option till the end. The skills and knowledge he displayed in all of his communication and paperwork was really impressive. I am very happy with Hodge, Jones & Allen as a firm. They take on your case, are honest and do their very best for you and I would recommend them to anyone who needs legal services.”

“I had a very positive experience with Hodge Jones & Allen. They have been very professional and helpful while dealing with my case.”

“Edward Jones and his team have been a great help for me these past few months and therefore would recommend to anyone in need of legal aid. “

“XX and I were so happy that we had you and your team helping us through such a difficult time. Your patience and efficiency was absolutely wonderful and we can’t thank you enough.”

“Justice will be served,” and it was in my case due to the efforts by Edward to get to the truth of the matter and to fight for what was right. Great work!”

“Professional, compassionate service. Edward Jones made me feel that he genuinely cared about my case and was on my side. The barrister he instructed, Lauren was fantastic. Formidable in court. I would not hesitate to recommend them.”

“Edward Jones managed to successfully expunge my son’s caution from the police record. We are extremely grateful for all his efforts in achieving this successful outcome.”

“I was very impressed with Edward Jones who was quickly assigned to my case. I found him to be both helpful and professional in explaining the processes and options during a very difficult situation. I was pleased with the outcome and would use his services again.”

“From start to finish I found this company very professional. My solicitor Edward Jones always kept me informed and worked extremely hard on my behalf and his assistant Bianca was so friendly and made me feel at ease when my case went to crown court. Hodge Jones and Allen are an understanding firm and they take on clients cases as though they were assisting a member of their own family. This firm never made decisions without my consent and I was completely in control of everything involved in the case. My case was settled with the best outcome possible and I would not hesitate to recommend this firm to anybody. I am forever grateful for their help and service.”

“I was recommended this company by a friend and Edward, who was my solicitor, did a fantastic job. He was so supportive to my family and me and would recommend them 100%.”

“I would like to thank you and your team for your professionalism and care in the progression of my extradition case and its ultimate conclusion. I am home now with the threat of a long custodial sentence behind me. I am not proud of what I have done and neither do I honour the justice with which I have been treated – it should have been tougher; but my life is once again my own and that would not have been the case without your help.”

“Good at listening, hardworking and delivered excellent support and guidance.”

“The thing I most liked about using the firm was the personal attention given to my case by Edward Jones and the fact that he was always on the ball.”

“The thing I most liked about using the firm was the excellent communication, hard work and dedication to my case displayed by Edward Jones.”

Memberships & Appointments

  • Committee member and Law Reform Officer of the London Criminal Courts Solicitors’ Association
  • Member of the Defence Extradition Lawyers’ Forum
  • Co-author of Privacy, Criminal Records & The Criminal Justice System (Bloomsbury)

“What you did for me has changed my life.” “Thanks again for being so good at what you do!”

Career & Education


  • Partner at Hodge Jones & Allen in 2016
  • Joined Hodge Jones & Allen June 2009
  • Admitted as a Solicitor October 2006
  • Training Contract with J W Hughes & Co (Conwy) and Elwyn Jones & Co (Bangor) 2004 – 2006


  • Undergraduate degree and Legal Practice Course at the University of Wales, Cardiff