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AiliMarie Arunachalam

AiliMarie Arunachalam | Solicitor

I have had the fortune to work in high calibre firms throughout my career having qualified in a Chambers UK ranked award winning law firm and now Hodge Jones & Allen, a Tier One and one of the biggest criminal defence firms in the country.

I joined Hodge Jones & Allen in August 2011 and have since predominantly acted as the in-house Higher Courts Advocate appearing most days in the Crown Court both in and outside London.  When those commitments allow me I assist my colleagues in carrying out the duties of a day to day duty solicitor.

My high level experience both as a litigator and advocate covers the entire spectrum of multi-jurisdictional serious crime ranging from terrorism, capital murder, people trafficking, sexual offences, drug importation, money laundering, fraud, to public order offences and organised crime.  I have given internal and external seminars in wide-ranging legal topics and maintain my interest in mental health within criminal law by representing young clients referred through Justice for Kids, many whom suffer from autism, Asperger’s or a personality disorder. I am well-rehearsed in dealing with the media and keeping my client out of the headlines.  I have represented both private individuals and corporate clients and worked in different jurisdictions including my time assisting head of chambers in Trinidad in appealing death row cases to the regional appellate authorities and the Privy Council, and my time working in Jamaica as in-house lawyer for a media group and an investment company.


  • Higher Courts (Criminal Advocacy) Qualification (2008)
  • Duty Solicitor (1997)
  • Admitted as a Solicitor in England and Wales (1996)
  • College of Law, London: Law Society Final Examination
  • University of Sussex, England: BA (Hons) Law with Social Sciences
  • International Baccalaureate, Finland: English, Finnish, German, Swedish and Modern Subjects (History, Psychology and Religion)
  • High School, WA, USA


  • Hodge, Jones & Allen: In-house Higher Courts Advocate (2011 to date)
  • Amosu Robinshaw: In-house Higher Courts Advocate (2008–2011)
  • AP Law and Amosu Robinshaw: Consultant solicitor (2004-2008)
  • Chadwyck-Healey & Co: Senior Solicitor (2002-2004)
  • Farrell, Matthews & Weir: Duty solicitor (1996-2002)
  • Fisher Meredith: Trainee solicitor (1994-1996)

Client Comments

  • “You were fantastic.”
  • “How did you do that?!”
  • “That was a miracle.”

Notable Cases

Court of Appeal

  • R v AI & others:  First successful appeal under the terrorism legislation following London 7/7 bombings with the Court of Appeal commenting that just because one reads about Oliver Twist it does not follow that one is intent on going out to pickpocket.
  • R v KL:  I successfully argued against sentence resulting in the custodial sentence being reduced to a community order of less than 12 months thereby avoiding otherwise a mandatory sex offenders’ registration where my client had been convicted of a sexual assault.

Sexual Offences

  • R v NW:  Two week rape trial where I cross-examined the complainant for 2,5 days about the allegations of rape against her biological father where she accepted consensual sexual activity had also taken place since she had traced him as an adult following her adoption as a baby.
  • R v AM:  A not guilty verdict for a consultant radiologist charged with sexual assault on a patient.

Serious Crime

  • R v BF:  I successfully argued duress of necessity where my client could be seen on CCTV footage holding a loaded shotgun at a scene of a fight and running away upon police attending.
  • R v SJ:  Mute client with limited sign language skills charged with murder where instructions were taken with the aid of Lego characters, Crown later accepted pleas to disposal of the body.
  • R v GS:  Three month trial involving a large scale drugs operation involving the Brindle’s, one of London’s most known crime families.

Public Order:

  • R v AB:  Represented “Comedy Terrorist” involving intense media attention due to his protest which included gate-crashing Prince William’s 21st birthday at Windsor Castle and throwing paint over Chapman bothers over their “vandalism” on Goya’s original prints at the opening of the exhibition.
  • R v SP: 2011 London Riots case where my client was charged with arson and violent disorder. I contested the reliability of the identification by the only visible feature, the eyes, by a member of the Metropolitan police’s elite team of super-recognisers.


  • R v AM:  Multi-jurisdictional high volume carousel fraud involving the UK, Germany & Dubai.


  • Solicitors’ Association of Higher Courts Advocates (SAHCA)
  • London Criminal Courts Solicitors’ Association (LCCSA)
  • Amicus

Personal Interests

Reading, bikram yoga, running, cycling, volunteer work and when able to practising staying up on a surfboard for longer than 30 seconds!