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WHEN MURDER INVESTIGATIONS GO WRONG – A Defence Lawyer’s perspective – part 1

Posted on 17th April 2018

The unprecedented number of murders in London have led to much comment about the cause of such violence on our street (see Caroline Liggins comment). However, we should also consider the strain and pressure that this spree will place on the criminal justice system.

Having defended in a number of murders in the capital and beyond, Raj Chada, in a series of articles looks at the issues that arise in murder investigations, how it can go wrong and the need for an active defence with forensic scrutiny. In the first article, Raj looks at DNA evidence….

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Fixed Fee Future: The fate of disrepair claims

Posted on 16th April 2018

With the use of private rented accommodation continuing to rise yearly, it is a concern as to whether landlords are maintaining accommodation to a habitable standard as the law requires.

Currently all Council, Housing Association and private renting tenants are protected by section 11 Landlord and Tenant Act 1985 and Section 4 Defective Premises Act 1972, which provides guidance on the repairing obligations of landlords and maintains that they provide an accommodation that is “reasonably safe from personal injury or from damage to their property” from a relevant defects.

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Punishing young offenders – where did it go wrong?

Posted on 16th April 2018

What is really going on out there with young people? Why is there such violence and resulting deaths?

I attended the Youth Court some months ago with a young client of mine. While waiting to be called into court for his sentencing hearing, a male entered the court waiting area and started verbally abusing him, shouting profanities … threatening his life. This was witnessed by four solicitors. The situation calmed down and the other young person (aggressor) was told to leave and come back for the afternoon court session. You could see it had rattled my client as he kept looking outside. He became very upset and nervous but repeated that he was ok.

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The end of the lifelong meal ticket?

Posted on 13th April 2018

Obtaining an order for spousal maintenance to last for the rest of your life is becoming rare. There is an acceptance in the judicial arena that the recipient of maintenance should be able to get back on their feet and start earning a living. The recent case of Mrs Waggott, and her desire to appeal…

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Are you safe in the private health care sector?

Posted on 13th April 2018

The Care Quality Commission have just released their latest inspection report on the state of care in independent acute hospitals.

The fact that the Care Quality Commission is tasked with overseeing the care provided by independent hospitals is welcome in itself, as patients have the right to expect the same clinical/nursing standards as they would expect from NHS care.

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