Frequently Asked Questions

At the Magistrates Court

Can I gain legal representation when arrested?

If the police are going to interview under caution or you have been arrested you are entitled to FREE legal advice and representation.

Will I be entitled to Legal Aid?

You will need to make an application to the Legal Aid Agency (LAA) to find out of you are eligible for funding. The application includes two tests:

  • Interests of Justice Test

With this test the LAA will take into account a number of factors, for example the seriousness of the allegation or if a complicated point of law is involved.

[Our lawyers will be able to advise straight away on whether you are likely to pass this test]

  • Financial Means Test

The LAA will also assess your income and expenditure to see whether you are eligible. We can carry out this assessment for you.

Note: Legal aid is rarely granted for motoring cases but, there are exceptions. Once again our team can advise.

I’m not entitled to legal aid – what do I do?

No need to worry our solicitors will represent you privately. Just call and they will agree a reasonable fee with you, in advance. There will be full transparency and no hidden extras.

At the Crown Court

What cases are heard at the Crown Court?

More serious offences such as robbery, murder, serious assaults and rape. All cases will begin in the Magistrate’s Court before coming to the Crown Court.

Will I be able to get legal aid if my case goes to the Crown Court?

You will need to complete an application form to assess whether you qualify for legal aid. Dependent on your means you may have to pay towards the cost of your defence.

I am under 18 – will I need to pay?

No, you will not have to pay towards costs if you are under 18 when you make your application or, if you are receiving the benefits including income based jobseekers allowance and income support.

I am not eligible for legal aid – will I be able to afford private representation?

We can represent you privately. Our fees will always be agreed with you in advance. We often offer fixed fees and discuss with you ways of spreading the costs. We negotiate hard too with barristers and other experts who we will need to instruct on your behalf, to keep costs down.

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