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“Extradition” is the name given to the process by which a foreign judicial authority or government asks for the assistance of the UK authorities to arrest an individual who is present in the UK and return them to the country that made the extradition request.

Requests for extradition can only be made for two reasons – to have the person requested be put on trial for a criminal offence or to have the person requested serve a prison sentence.

Hodge Jones & Allen Solicitors have extensive experience and considerable success in dealing with extradition requests from the European Union and from around the World.

Extradition law is a niche and complex area of law that requires specialist skills. We at Hodge Jones & Allen Solicitors possess those skills and are ranked in Chambers & Partners legal directory.

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Why choose Hodge Jones & Allen Solicitors?

Helping avoid extradition

We take a pro-active approach to advising clients who have concerns that a foreign country might be in the process of issuing an extradition request. We make every effort to prevent that from happening.
Advice received at an early stage in the case is important. A potential extradition request may be avoided if we make contact directly with the requesting state, or by instructing one of our international contacts to represent you on your behalf to the local prosecutor or court to either withdraw a domestic arrest warrant or suspend an outstanding prison sentence.

We have an extensive network of international contacts. We’re able to call upon them for advice and assistance at the local level. This ensures everything is done to avoid the worst effects of an extradition request and in an efficient and timely manner.

Advising on bail

If an extradition request is unavoidable, we can advise on bail and prepare structured bail packages in preparation for an extradition request being made. This can often lead to the granting of bail at the first hearing and avoid a return into custody. From the start of the case we ensure high-quality, realistic advice is given about the challenges often raised in an extradition request, and what the best options are to advance those challenges.

Preparing your case

The burden of proof in extradition cases is often upon the requested person. This means gathering evidence to support a challenge is one of the most crucial aspects of any extradition case. We will approach the task of collecting evidence with thoroughness and diligence, leaving no stone unturned.

We will take witness statements from all witnesses we believe can advance our case. We’ll ensure those witnesses attend court to give evidence. If necessary, we’ll get expert witness reports from recognised, credible and respected experts addressing issues, such as the conditions of detention and fair trial rights in the requesting country, in order to advance challenges under the European Convention on Human Rights.

We’ll also instruct lawyers in the requesting country to give advice upon their domestic criminal law and procedure. This is with a view to assess whether there’s a sound legal basis for the extradition request at the local level. We’ll therefore ensure that your case is as well prepared as it can possibly be by the time it becomes necessary to argue it before the court.

Extradition requests

At Hodge Jones & Allen Solicitors we have extensive experience of dealing with European Arrest Warrants and the more complex “Part 2” cases from outside the European Union. We’ve dealt with extradition requests from the USA, Thailand, Colombia, Turkey, India, the United Arab Emirates, Albania, Russia, Australia, Kenya and Canada.

Featured cases

Featured case: Turkey

We acted for a client wanted in Turkey to serve a prison sentence for false identity document offences. We argued he’d be at risk of human rights abuses in Turkish custody because of poor conditions generally but also specifically because of his minority Alawite faith.

Featured case: Albania

We acted for a client wanted in Albania to serve a prison sentence for a double murder that took place in 1993. The allegation was that the client had committed the murders as part of a “Blood Feud” with a powerful local family, or “clan”, that had amongst its member’s local underworld figures and politicians. The request was challenged on the basis that the Blood Feud was still in existence and that there was a real risk to the client’s life in Albanian custody.

Featured Case: Kenya

We acted for a client wanted in Kenya to be prosecuted for fraud offences dating from the 1990’s. It was alleged that he had invested client money in Kenyan Treasury Bills which had then been purchased by two large banks that subsequently collapsed, wiping out the original investments. The request was challenged on the basis that on first impression they didn’t raise a case against the client and the length of time was such (over 20 years) that it would be unjust to order extradition.

Featured case: Thailand

We acted for a client accused of the murder of a former US Marine in the Thai holiday resort of Phuket. The request was challenged on the basis that the client would face human rights abuses because of the prison conditions in which he would be held.

Featured case: Colombia

We acted for a client convicted in his absence of a murder in Colombia. It was alleged the client had murdered a government employee in 1995, a claim that was proven to be wrong as the client had fled Colombia in 1993, with the assistance of an NGO, been granted political asylum in the UK and had remained here since. The request was challenged on the basis that the prosecution was a sham designed to harass the client’s father – a prominent trade union activist who had been targeted by right-wing paramilitaries and the Colombian state because of his political activities.

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