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From its inception, Hodge Jones & Allen has sought to provide the very best quality legal service, irrespective of means.

We understand that facing a criminal investigation is a stressful experience. We believe that you should have access to the highest quality legal advice and that ethos is why so many people want to instruct us.

We know you’re sure to have questions about the cost of representation when defending yourself against criminal charges. Below, we’ve answered some of the most common questions our clients have around the costs of criminal defence.

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    Will a solicitor attend the magistrate’s court?

    If you do not already have legal aid in place, we cannot attend court on your behalf whilst this dispute is ongoing.

    You should make clear to the court that you wish Hodge Jones & Allen to act and that you understand we are not able to as a result of the dispute.

    You may wish to ask the court to adjourn your case so that you can consult with us.

    Duty solicitors will be available at court, but they can only act for you under the duty scheme for your first appearance. If you decide to ask for the duty solicitor, you should make clear that you are a client of Hodge Jones & Allen and you ultimately wish us to act for you in your case.

    Please call us to discuss what you should do – we will still be taking calls from clients who have to go to court.

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    Do I have to have a duty solicitor?

    Duty Solicitors will be available at police stations and at court to cover first appearances.

    It is a matter for you whether you wish to have a duty solicitor to cover your case at the police station or the first appearance at the magistrate’s court. You cannot be forced by the police or court to have a duty solicitor.

    Unless you wish to be represented by them throughout your case, you should not sign legal aid forms for court representation with the duty solicitor.

    Please call us to discuss what you should do. We will still be taking calls from clients who have to go to court.

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    How long will this action take?

    We hope that the dispute will be resolved as soon as possible and we will be able to continue to represent you in your ongoing case.

    Get in touch with our specialist team today on
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    Can I pay privately?

    You can pay us privately if you wish. Please contact us on 0808 252 5231 or out of hours emergency line on 0808 274 8226 to discuss this if you would like.


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    I already have legal aid – will this affect me?

    No – it only affects cases where we have still have to apply for legal aid

    Fixed Fee

    We may be able to provide advice or representation to you under a fixed fee. This is particularly the case if you need representation at a single court hearing. Please feel free to ask your solicitor about this option.

    Hourly Rate

    The hourly rate charged by Hodge Jones & Allen varies, depending on the seniority of the lawyer involved in your case. 

    Please contact us if you would like our assistance with any of our criminal defence services. We will provide you with a free initial assessment of your case in the first instance and then advise you on funding options and our rates.

    Whether you are publicly funded, or paying privately, you can be assured that we offer value for money and are completely transparent in our charging. This means that you will always be in control of your costs and fees, and you’ll experience no surprises.

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