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Sexual Offences Register

In recent years, the authorities have closely regulated and controlled the activities of those convicted of sexual offences. People convicted of these offences may be compelled to notify the police of all their movements (the ‘sex offender’s register’) or comply with orders limiting their activities or behaviour (Sexual Offences Prevention Orders or Foreign Travel Orders); they may be prohibited from working in certain jobs.

We all understand the need for some controls over those who have committed serious offences. However, these measures don’t only apply to serious offenders. They can be imposed on a young person who has made a bad, but one-off, mistake; or on a person only cautioned for a relatively modest offence. And orders need to be proportionate, only addressing real risks, not imagined ones. Controls that are too restrictive can prevent people working or rehabilitating themselves into society.

At Hodge Jones and Allen we work to ensure that these orders are not imposed on our clients unnecessarily. If they are imposed, we’ll make certain that the terms are reasonable and do not pointlessly restrict freedom of movement or ability to work in an appropriate job. If an order has already been made, we can help by applying to vary or discharge it, if it is no longer necessary.

We have had a lot of success in representing our clients in these matters and helping courts find the correct balance between the rights of the individual and the concerns of the public.

Our sexual offence register specialists are part of our London based sexual offences team. We have almost four decades of experience helping clients from around the UK with a wide variety of legal matters. For expert legal advice use our contact form or call us on 0808 250 6017 today.