Victims of Crime

We help victims of crime secure justice and compensation where the criminal justice system has failed to protect them or treated them unfairly.

Many of those who come to us for help believe the police, Crown Prosecution Service and other agencies have not investigated the crime properly or have not done enough to protect them or to prevent others from suffering the same crime again. In some cases, it is the victims of crime themselves who end up under investigation without any proper justification from the police. In other cases people suffer injuries as a result of violent crimes, cannot work or suffer other financial loss as a result, and want some kind of compensation either from their attacker, or from the government.

Our Civil Liberties team has years of experience in helping victims of crime get justice and compensation. We have brought claims against the police and Ministry of Justice under the Human Rights Act 1998 for failing properly and effectively to investigate sexual assaults and assaults. We have also secured compensation and forced law enforcement authorities to investigate or re-open investigations. We have judicially reviewed decisions not to prosecute suspects, resulting in prosecutions being pursued.

Our lawyers are nationally recognised for helping victims of crime in some of the most sensitive and high profile cases over many years.

Our cases

  • Hodge Jones & Allen brought a judicial review against the Director of Public Prosecutions for his decision not to prosecute anyone for the murder of Stephen Lawrence. Subsequently the investigation into the death was reopened. In January 2012 two men were convicted of his murder.
  • We represented the family of Fiona Pilkington and her daughter. Fiona took the drastic step of killing herself and her daughter after years of anti social abuse. The family settled their claim against Leicestershire Police in 2012 when the force accepted there were failures in their systems which meant that Fiona’s pleas for help were not acted upon.
  • We have helped individuals sue those who have assaulted them. For example we brought a successful challenge on behalf of a victim who had been sexually abused as a child and who years later made a report to the police resulting in a conviction. We sued his attacker, recovering a five figure sum. Our lawyers have also been instructed to investigate allegations against Jimmy Savile for sexual abuse, particularly in relation to alleged victims at Stoke Mandeville.

Criminal Injury Claims

We can also help the victims of violent crimes apply for compensation under the Government’s Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme. Some people may have suffered significant physical and psychiatric injury and lose large sums of money through, for example, not being able to work for a prolonged period. They may not have a claim against the police or any other body and they may be unable to sue their attacker, either because they do not know who or where they are or because their attacker doesn’t have any money.

The government scheme compensates people for the injuries they have suffered, both physical and psychiatric and also pays out money for certain financial losses.

Individuals can apply for compensation without legal representation, but where the claim is large and where the evidence is complicated, this can be a daunting prospect. We can help you with every stage of the application process, ensuring we get every bit of evidence we need to maximise your chances of getting the award you deserve. We have a proven track record in recovering significant sums for many victims, and for challenging awards where we consider them to be too low.

We have also helped many individuals fight refusals of compensation, where their applications have been unsuccessful, for example where they are out of time or where the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority thinks the applicant has delayed in reporting to the police or hasn’t fully cooperated with them or if they think the injuries suffered are too minor.

We have succeeded in reviewing, appealing and judicially reviewing refusal decisions and have represented applicants in oral appeal hearings in the First Tier Tribunal and judicial review hearings in the Upper Tribunal.

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