Psychiatric Detention

If you or someone close to you has ever been detained or ‘sectioned’ under the Mental Health Act, you will know how difficult it can be for you and your family. Should you have concerns about serious failings of care in detention, we may be able to take legal action against mental health service providers where they have failed to meet their obligations under the Human Rights Act.

We are known for our tenacity in fighting to protect our clients’ rights, no matter what obstacles or adversaries they face. We are committed to seeking redress and justice for our clients.

We have a highly successful record of securing compensation, apologies, admissions of wrongdoing, as well as policy changes to improve the standard of care for patients detained under the Mental Health Act.

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The Human Rights Act – protecting the right to life and privacy

The Human Rights Act protects the right to life and privacy. It also requires mental health services to protect patients from inhuman and degrading treatment and prohibits discrimination because of a disability. Hospitals and those responsible for psychiatric detention must fully investigate any breaches of these fundamental rights.

We also represent families of those who have died in psychiatric detention where reasonable steps could have been taken to prevent the death but were not taken.

We are unable to assist with challenges to medical decisions taken about treatment including the decision to detain a person under the Mental Health Act.

Types of issues our solicitors can help with

  • Incidents of serious physical, verbal or sexual abuse
  • Use of excessive force
  • Serious injury or death whilst in detention or under the care of mental health services
  • Challenging coroners’ inquest findings and death investigations
  • Neglecting basic standards of health and safety or hygiene
  • Unnecessary disclosure of personal medical information to third parties

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Whatever your needs, our team of highly experienced solicitors can provide you with the help and advice you need. To seek advice from our specialist team of  solicitors contact us by telephone or through our online form .

  • We’ll gather the information to review your case

Once we have spoken to you and obtained the details of your complaint we will be able to let you know whether we can assist you. If we are able to assist one of our specialist solicitors will be in touch to discuss the case with you in more detail and talk about your options.

  • Challenges to medical decisions

We are unable to assist with challenges to medical decisions taken about treatment including a decision to detain you under the Mental Health Act.

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The team have won several awards both individually and as a team. They are recognised as leaders in the field.

Care and Compassion

The team are well versed in helping people through very tough times and you can be assured that they will deal with the case in a compassionate way.

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