Patient Rights / Right to Treatment

Hodge Jones & Allen is ranked as one of the leading law firms in the UK for human rights claims (Chambers 2017). We can help our clients challenge decisions made about medical treatment and secure compensation, admissions of wrongdoing, apologies and policy changes when treatment goes wrong.

The Human Rights Act protects your right to life and requires public health bodies to ensure that you do not suffer from inhuman or degrading treatment. It also protects you from discrimination on grounds such as age and disability.

Sometimes families do not agree with medical decisions to withdraw medical treatment for critically ill patients if it will lead to death. We can help families navigate this difficult process of challenging wrong decisions by medics. In some cases this will involve asking the Court to intervene to prevent the withdrawal of treatment.

On the other hand individuals suffering from a debilitating terminal illness may be seeking help to protect their rights to make a choice about their medical care, including, in some cases, to assert a right to die.

The ‘postcode lottery’ for healthcare has been well-publicised, as has the battle for wider access to cancer drugs. Perhaps you have been denied life-saving treatment which is available in one part of the country but not where you live. You may have been refused treatment which could relieve severe pain or illness. Or maybe you are unhappy with the treatment which has been suggested and want to explore alternatives. If you or a member of your family has wrongly been denied access to vital healthcare treatment then we can help you challenge this.

If you believe your human rights have been violated as a consequence of being refused healthcare treatment by the NHS, we can challenge the NHS and other public health bodies to seek the fair treatment you deserve.

We firmly believe in providing patients and their families with the tools to protect their rights. Our team is highly experienced in this complex area of law and your case will be handled sensitively and professionally.

Our Civil Liberties & Human Rights Solicitors are backed by four decades of experience and have a strong track record of achieving favourable client outcomes. For expert legal advice use our contact form or call us on 0808 231 6369 today.

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