False Imprisonment

The police have extensive powers to arrest and detain individuals. However, the use of those powers must be lawful. False imprisonment, sometimes known as wrongful arrest, most commonly occurs where the police make an arrest which cannot be legally justified. It can also arise where the arrest was initially lawful but the length of detention is excessive or the procedural requirements of detention are not met.

Hodge Jones & Allen is ranked in the top tier of UK law firms for actions against the police (Chambers UK 2016). We have developed a formidable reputation for taking successful legal action against the police for false imprisonment and wrongful arrest.

We frequently secure compensation for clients, although many of those who come to us for help are not interested in money; they are motivated by a desire to ensure that lessons are learnt so no-one else suffers the same distress. We have obtained admissions of wrong doing and apologies which have resulted in disciplinary proceedings against the police, as well as changes to police practice. We can also obtain deletion of our client’s data from the police databases in certain circumstances.

By working closely with our large Criminal Defence team where needed, clients benefit from a comprehensive level of service unmatched by many other law firms. Our solicitors are active members of the Police Action Lawyers Group, a national organisation comprised of solicitors and barristers who specialise in representing claimants against the police.

You will find our solicitors to be friendly, approachable and highly professional. If the police have deprived you of your rights, our award winning Civil Liberties team will work tirelessly to hold the police to account.

Client stories

  • We secured £12,000 in compensation for a grandfather of good character who was arrested and forcibly searched by the police whilst standing on a private area outside his own house. They found nothing on him but caused him a long-standing hamstring injury in the process and then detained him at a police station. He was charged with obstructing a police officer. We sued the police for false imprisonment after the criminal team had secured his acquittal.
  • We acted for a client who was on his way to an anti-monarchist protest. He had a T-shirt which read: “Are the Royal Family Better Than Yours?” He was approached by police officers and subjected to a thorough search. He was arrested on suspicion of breaching the peace and detained at a police station. He was eventually released and was not charged with any offence. He brought a civil claim for assault, false imprisonment, breaches of Articles 10 and 11 in relation to the fact that his arrest prevented him from participating in peaceful political protest. The police settled the claim for £5,000, apologised and have agreed to support his application for the deletion of his data from the police national computer.

Our Civil Liberties & Human Rights Solicitors are backed by four decades of experience and have a strong track record of achieving favourable client outcomes. For expert legal advice use our contact form or call us on 0808 231 6369 today.

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