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Civil Liberties & Human Rights

Data Protection

Susie Labinjoh
Alice Hardy
Jocelyn Cockburn
Nancy Collins
Sasha Barton

A constantly growing number of individuals and organisations hold large amounts of personal data about each one of us. This includes highly sensitive personal data.

The police hold data about arrests and convictions, which is provided to potential employers via CRB checks and relied on when assessing visa applications. Doctors often hold highly personal information about our medical and psychiatric history.

Protecting my data

It’s essential that our held data is accurate and is only provided to third parties with our consent, or where other safeguards are complied with. It’s important that we can access the data held about us. The Data Protection Act 1998 sets down rules to ensure we can access personal data and to protect us from data breaches.


What can I do if my personal data has been shared?

Frequently, those in possession of our data breach the rules. For example, if the police wrongly record that a person has a serious conviction and discloses this to third parties, the person will consequently be refused a job and/or sacked by their employer, refused visa clearance, evicted by a local authority from their council property and/or vilified in the local community.

Our Civil Liberties solicitors have a proven track record in such cases. They have succeeded in obtaining compensation for victims of data protection breaches in a number of complex claims in this developing area of law. If you can prove that you have suffered loss as a result of the data breach, we can claim compensation from individuals and organisations who breach the data protection rules. We can also bring challenges under the Human Rights 1998 if we can show that your right to private and family life has been breached.

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