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What’s the Process

Personal injury claims are made by setting up a ‘No Win No Fee’ agreement. These agreements have been in operation under the law for a limited range of cases since 1995. Under the agreement we will not charge you for any work undertaken on the case by our team unless you win your case.

If you win your case then your opponent will agree or be ordered to pay you damages. In addition, you can generally expect your opponent to be ordered to pay some of your legal costs. If your claim is unsuccessful, we receive nothing and costs are covered by your

Receiving medical attention

By calling Hodge Jones & Allen we will advise as to whether you could go forward with a claim. If you have had an accident, you need to get the right medical attention to protect you and help speed your recovery. Dependent on the injury we will arrange medical appointments along with independent assessments and the necessary rehabilitation.

Answers and reassurance

We will be able to quickly put your mind at ease and assess the likelihood of a successful claim.

Legal representation

At Hodge Jones & Allen we know how to ‘fight for what’s right!’ If you are happy for us to represent you, we will liaise with you to gain full details and evidence prior to submitting a claim on your behalf 

Negligence admitted

If the defendant admits responsibility for your injury we work tirelessly to negotiate on your behalf and achieve the best possible outcome. If the defendant does not admit liability we will liaise with you and advise on next steps, which may include taking the claim to court

Getting your life back on track

At Hodge Jones & Allen we help hundreds of people each year to gain care and necessary rehabilitative treatment to help them return to work, family and their social life. Our team of specialist practitioners know how to progress cases to bring about a successful outcome.

For any queries about the process please call us today and our team will do all they can to put your mind at rest.

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