Sport Injury Claims

Whatever sport you play, whether it is a hobby or at professional level and no matter what age you are, there’s always the risk of suffering an injury. Indeed, the rules of some sports allow for a certain amount of physical contact (e.g. rugby, football and hockey) and many people who play these types of sports may actually expect to suffer injuries from time-to-time. Injuries are not just limited to the actual players, however, but can also include sporting spectators.

Although many sports carry a risk of injury, certain sporting activities carry a much greater risk of serious injuries and can even prove fatal such as horse riding, skiing, snowboarding, climbing, boxing, martial arts and motor sports.

Many injuries that happen during sporting activities may simply be as a result of lack of physical fitness or are genuine accidents for which no one is legally to blame.

If, however, you have suffered an injury within the last 3 years due to an incident that could have been prevented and which was caused by someone else’s fault, you may be eligible to claim for financial compensation. Contact the team for Free Consultation

What are the possible causes of negligent injuries whilst playing sport?

In some cases there are instances where the fault clearly lines with someone else. In these particular cases you may be eligible to make a claim for compensation, which can include situations such as:

  • Faulty sports equipment, including weights or machines at the gym
  • Poorly maintained hire equipment such as bikes or canoes
  • Unsafe and unmaintained premises or facilities which could cause trips and slips
  • Inadequate signage at a sports venue
  • Insufficient instruction and/or lack of supervision from staff at the venue including instructors, referees or personal trainers
  • The umpire, referee or person in charge had insufficient training and/or made no or little attempts to prevent an accident.
  • Players performing dangerous moves or not following the rules of sporting conduct within a team game or around fellow players.

What are the possible risk of injuries for spectators?

  • Crowds rioting or due to overcrowding
  • Being struck by gaming equipment such as balls
  • Poorly maintained stadiums or grounds

The most common sport injuries are

  • Spinal injury
  • Brain injury
  • Lower limb injury
  • Upper limb injury
  • Facial injury
  • Dislocations

How much can I claim?

The amount of compensation you might be able to claim will be based on the specific injuries you have personally suffered as documented in your medical records and medico-legal reports. However, to get an estimation on the amount of compensation you could be entitled to, contact our specialist personal solicitors for a FREE telephone consultation.

Time limit in sport injury claims

A sport injury claim must be brought (submitted to the court) within three years of the date you suffered an injury or three years of you being aware that you have suffered an injury. There is an exception for children under the age of 18 years who have until they reach their 21st birthday to submit their claim to court.

How can I claim for sport injury compensation?

  • Report the injury

After you have sought immediate medical attention it is important to report your injury either to a member of staff, or the umpire or referee of the game, so they can record the incident. And also report your injury to the relevant organising body of the sport, if there is one.

  • Legal Advice

The next step will be to establish whether or not you are eligible for to claim compensation. You can do this by seeking advice from one of our specialist injury lawyers. We offer a Free initial consultation to assess your situation and can advise you what your next steps should be based on your situation.

  • No Win No Fee

Our London-based team of specialist personal injury experts can offer sound legal assistance on a No Win No Fee basis to get you the compensation you deserve.

Frequently asked questions

What can I claim for?

In addition to compensation for your personal injuries you may be able to claim for financial losses including medical treatment costs and time off work.

Will I be able to have private medical treatment to assist with my recovery?

Depending on the circumstances it may be possible to access support such as rehabilitation and physiotherapy.

How do I prove my claim?

Firstly, early reporting of the incident to the relevant body and medical agencies is important as is gathering as much documentary evidence as early as possible such as witness and photographic evidence.

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