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Burns and Scalding Injuries

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Personal Injury Solicitors: Burns and Scalding Injuries

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Burns are very painful injuries and even a small burn or a scald can remain painful for a long period of time. If you’ve suffered a burn or scalding injury in the last three years and it was someone else’s fault, contact our specialist team. We will do all we can to help you gain the justice and compensation you deserve.

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At Hodge Jones & Allen we have a strong track record of achieving the best results for those we represent. You may be eligible for a ‘No Win No Fee’ agreement, backed by insurance which ensures there is no financial risk to you.

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What circumstances qualify for a claim?

Burns are most commonly caused by heat, however, they can also be caused by intense cold and chemicals. Scalds are caused by hot liquids or steam. Types of injuries from burns can include:

  • Scalded/burnt flesh
  • Facial and eye burns
  • Respiratory burns
  • Emotional and psychological effects
  • Tendon, ligament or muscle damage
  • Permanent scarring

Most workplace burns occur needlessly and could have been prevented if the correct procedures had been followed and the right protective equipment provided. Common causes of suffering burns at work:

  • Hot surfaces being exposed
  • Unsafe electrical equipment
  • Handling hot liquids without the correct protection

If you have been injured as a result of your employer’s negligence then our personal injury solicitors will make sure you receive the care, treatment and compensation you are entitled to – helping you get your life back on track.

Classification of burns

Burns are classified by one of three categories – first degree, second degree and third degree.

First Degree Burns – minor burns and will usually cause the skin to appear red. The very top layer of skin is damaged (epidermis) therefore, there should be no blistering of the skin.

Second Degree Burns – will generally be more painful and serious. Deeper layers of the skin are affected. Skin looks bright red and blistering likely to occur.

Third Degree Burns – sometimes referred to as full thickness burns and are the most serious. The skin will be completely burned away and there may be damage to the muscles, ligaments and tendons beneath. Third degree burns take a long time to heal and almost always leave permanent scarring – skin grafts from unaffected areas may also be needed.

Other classifications – fourth, fifth or even six degree burns – most often result in death and are classifications that will usually only be used as part of the post-mortem examination.

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