Brain Injuries

We understand the impact a brain injury can have on you and your loved ones and how important the right support is. Our specialist solicitors have extensive experience of acting for both children and adults with brain injuries nationwide. We are able to advise, support and guide you at a time when you need it most. If you or a loved one has suffered a brain injury, or you require further information, please contact us on 0808 250 2129 to speak to our specialist team or request a call back at a more convenient time online.

Putting the client at the centre

Our specialist brain injury solicitors understand that each client has different needs and we adopt a holistic approach to address those needs.

We appreciate the importance of arranging fast and effective rehabilitation when a client has suffered a brain injury and work with medical professionals, and with the other party’s insurers, to ensure an early rehabilitation package is put in place.

We will also seek an early compensation payment (known as an interim payment) to lessen the financial impact of the injury. Get in touch.

Client testimonial
“Hello, I would like to express my gratitude to Ms. Riffat Yaqub. She has become a friend of our family during the time she has worked with us. Volodymyr, my husband and father of my children, suffered a severe head injury while he was working in England. As a result of this injury, he became disabled and our family lost our breadwinner.

Thanks to Riffat’s professionalism, together with her team, she has organised various treatment programs for my husband in all possible ways. His health has improved following the medical care he is receiving and we hope that it will improve more in the future. Our family can’t afford to pay for Volodymyr’s treatment, so if it wasn’t Riffat’s perseverance for me, I just do not know in what condition my husband would remain.

Special thanks also for the organisation of psychological and financial support for our family, because it is extremely difficult for us now. Volodymyr is not able to take care of our family due to his injury. He still needs to be taken care of, and I also earn much less due to the global problem with COVID-19. Our family is extremely grateful to Riffat and her team. Great respect for them for the extraordinary hard work they do for our family.” Regards, Orissa!

Child brain injury claims with Hodge Jones & Allen

We understand the shock and devastation that parents will feel if their child has suffered a brain injury, as well as concerns about how their child’s complex needs will be met now and in the future. We will work hard to obtain the best financial settlement to address all of these concerns and ensure arrangements are in place to protect your child should anything happen to you.

Our specialist solicitors will provide practical and emotional support to help you all as a family to adapt to changes in your life following your child’s brain injury. For example, we understand the importance of education as a form of rehabilitation for your child and we will assist in communicating with your child’s school and other education professionals so that your child can still learn, develop and maximise their potential.

We have a close connection with the Child Brain Injury Trust (CBIT) and support brain injured children in having the best quality of life possible.

How much does it cost to make a brain injury claim?

We would work on a conditional fee agreement which is more commonly known as a No Win No Fee agreement. This means that there is no financial risk to you and if we win our fees are capped at a percentage of the damages. There are also other forms of funding and these can be discussed with your solicitor who will be able to provide you with more detailed information.

Why choose Hodge Jones & Allen Solicitors?

At Hodge Jones & Allen we understand the devastating effects that a brain injury can result in, both to you and your family.

  • We have over 40 years’ experience in dealing with brain injuries and are independently recognised as leaders in the field. We are sympathetic, empathetic and knowledgeable.
  • Our specialist brain injury solicitors know that not all brain injuries are the same.
  • We will provide guidance and support to alleviate the devastating impact that a traumatic brain injury has by arranging quick and effective rehabilitation and requesting interim payments at the first opportunity to relieve financial pressures.
  • We work closely with charities and support networks such as Headway; UK Acquired Brain Injury Forum and the Children’s Brian Injury Trust (CBIT).
  • We will fight to achieve the best possible outcome for you.
  • When a case is won, we will assist with setting up of trusts to protect means-tested benefits. We provide advice and assistance with Court of Protection issues for those clients unable to manage their financial affairs.

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