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Hearing Their Voices

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At Hodge Jones & Allen we believe in ‘thinking differently and doing differently’ to stand up for people’s rights by using the power of the law.

Hearing their voices… is the title of our new microsite (launched on Monday, 11 April 2016) which tells people’s stories in a compelling way. It is designed to highlight some of the highly personal and difficult situations our clients and their families face every day.

Our aim – to raise awareness and build conversations around the issues and the injustices we might all face.

The films on the site have been carefully and sensitively prepared to tell the two poignant personal stories about Margaret and Jason – clients of Isobel Lovett, Head of Industrial Disease and Jocelyn Cockburn, Joint Head of Civil Liberties.

Both stories are compelling and moving; supported by useful information and contacts. Watch the videos – explore the content. We hope you will come across useful or interesting information which you will want to share with your colleagues, friends and family – to help others.

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