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Support Services for Personal Injury

Personal injuries can have long lasting effects, for you and your loved ones. Some injuries result in the need for life-long changes, such as fitting your home with equipment to make your life easier or seeking new benefits to cover the cost of any financial losses. Our experienced solicitors can help you negotiate the world of personal injury support services, finding the right contacts and charities to help you through this difficult time.

We offer a holistic service that isn’t just focused on getting you the compensation you deserve. Beyond that, we understand you may need to make practical changes to accommodate for your injury.

If you think our personal injury solicitors can help you, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today via email or request a call back.

    Support services we offer

    We can offer a number of different support services to help enhance your quality of life after an injury. We use our expertise and contacts to work with local charities and support services to facilitate an easier change in your life. These include assistance with: 


    We can help you start your rehabilitation treatment and begin the recovery process as quickly as possible after an injury


    Let us help to find you the right level of care and support so that you and your family can continue your life feeling happy and supported.

    Benefits Advice 

    Our experts can give extra support and advice around how to claim government benefits.  


    Whether you need to look at temporary accommodation while you recover, or something more permanent, like a care home, we can help support you and your family with finding a place that’s right.

    Housing Needs

    We can help you with sourcing suppliers to make changes to your home, whether that’s getting a stairlift, adding accessible handrails, or making larger renovations.  


    Getting around after an injury might be more difficult so we can help you to source alternative methods of transport to keep your life moving forward.


    Our support services extend to helping you find the right equipment you need to make daily life easier after injury.

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