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HJA In The News

We need to treat tasers as lethal weapons

27th September 2016 - The Justice Gap

Civil Liberties partner, Alice Hardy on the use of tasers by the police force in the UK.

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How HR can pull the red card on the UK’s ‘baby penalty’!

22nd September 2016 - HR News

Employment solicitor, Homa Wilson on the level of discrimination faced by women returning to work after maternity leave.

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Leading law firm to represent man who had windscreen smashed by police

19th September 2016 - ITV News

A motorist who filmed a policeman smashing his car windscreen is to be represented by Hodge Jones & Allen. Video footage filmed by Leon Fontana shows the officer shattering the glass with a baton and yelling at him to get out.

Scotland Yard later admitted it was a case of mistaken identity and the police officer was now on “restricted duties”.

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Law firms should not be the law enforcers

12th September 2016 - Solicitors Journal

A new pilot scheme on seizing the proceeds of crime has the potential to jeopardise the fairness of already draconian legislation, argues HJA’s criminal defence partner; Samira Noor Khan.

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Avoiding discriminatory questions at interviews

7th September 2016 - HR Grapevine

UK law prohibits employers from discriminating against job applicants because of ‘protected characteristics’ such as age, disability, race and sexual orientation. However, comments are still made in interviews which give rise to claims for discrimination – irrespective of whether the interviewer intended to discriminate. Speaking to Executive Grapevine, Homa Wilson, Senior Associate at law firm Hodge Jones & Allen, advises how employers and hiring managers can avoid discrimination in job interviews.

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