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HJA In The News

Death crush tree maintenance ‘inadequate’

11th January 2017 - BBC News

The maintenance of a diseased tree which fell, then fell further, crushing a housekeeper was “wholly inadequate”, an inquest has found.
Teresita Sison, 58, of Ladbroke Grove, was walking beneath the fallen tree in Kensington Road in October 2014 when it dropped again, killing her. Head of Personal Injury Team Vidisha Joshi represented the client at the inquest.

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‘The swine flu vaccine triggered my daughter’s narcolepsy – now I want justice’

11th January 2017 - iNews

Campaigners are calling for a Europe-wide public inquiry into how a vaccine triggered devastating health sleep and brain disorders in a scandal they claim is as big as thalidomide.

Personal injury solicitor Peter Todd, who represents 88 people who have been injured by pandemrix comments.


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Husband returns to UK seeking answers two years after woman hit and killed by tree in Knightsbridge

6th January 2017 - The Evening Standard

The husband of a woman killed by a falling tree in Knightsbridge hopes an inquest will end his two-year wait for answers.

Vidisha Joshi, managing partner, represents the client.

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Police apologise to dead woman’s kin after failure to respond to 999 call

6th January 2017 - The Guardian

Warwickshire force admit ‘errors and omissions’ after 14-hour delay following up Luisa Mendes’ call.

Police chiefs have issued an apology and paid compensation of more than £20,000 to the family of a woman who was a victim of domestic violence and died following a violent attack.

Nancy Collins civil liberties solicitors, brought a claim against Warkwickshire constabulary based on the force’s failure to protect Mendes’ right to life under the Human Rights Act.

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How a doctor’s crude joke wrecked my love life and marriage

5th January 2017 - Daily Mail

Female patient recalls ‘humiliating sexual assault’ at the hands of an NHS gynaecologist. Medical Negligence solicitor Emma Wray has worked on  two cases against the gynaecologist.

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