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Personal Injury

Sisters sue London hotel where they suffered brutal hammer attack

22nd March 2017 - The Guardian

Three sisters from the United Arab Emirates who were the victims of a brutal hammer attack while on a shopping trip to London are suing the hotel where it happened.

Drug addict and “hotel creeper” Philip Spence was sentenced to life imprisonment for attempted murder after he bludgeoned the women in their room during a burglary at the four-star Cumberland hotel on 6 April 2014.

They were asleep but disturbed him at 1.30am as he rifled through their possessions. He hit one of the sisters, Ohoud al-Najjar, 38, so hard six times in the head and face that he left her profoundly disabled. Spence was described during his criminal trial as “a crackhead”.

Ms Riffat Yaqub, a partner at Personal Injury Team, is representing the family.

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Lord Justice Jackson unveils ‘extensive’ fixed costs regime

30th January 2017 - Solicitors Journal

Lawyers react to ‘perverse’ and ‘unworkable’ proposals that incentivise undesirable defendant behaviour.

A radical ‘one size fits all’ approach to costs would be ‘perverse’ and unfair, only benefit defendants with deep pockets, and raise significant concerns over access to justice, lawyers have warned as Lord Justice Jackson considers extending fixed costs to cases worth up to £250,000.

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