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Opinion: How to successfully reintegrate new mums into the workplace

19th October 2016 - CIPD People Management

Laying the groundwork before maternity leave begins is vital, writes employment solicitor Homa Wilson.

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How HR can pull the red card on the UK’s ‘baby penalty’!

22nd September 2016 - HR News

Employment solicitor, Homa Wilson on the level of discrimination faced by women returning to work after maternity leave.

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Avoiding discriminatory questions at interviews

7th September 2016 - HR Grapevine

UK law prohibits employers from discriminating against job applicants because of ‘protected characteristics’ such as age, disability, race and sexual orientation. However, comments are still made in interviews which give rise to claims for discrimination – irrespective of whether the interviewer intended to discriminate. Speaking to Executive Grapevine, Homa Wilson, Senior Associate at law firm Hodge Jones & Allen, advises how employers and hiring managers can avoid discrimination in job interviews.

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How to deal with workplace discrimination

10th August 2016 - HR Grapevine

Following the media furore surrounding comments made by Saatchi & Saatchi’s Executive Chairman, Kevin Roberts, it’s important for HR to deal with potentially brand-damaging situations early on. Homa Wilson, Senior Associate at Hodge Jones & Allen, advises HR what to do, should a company be made liable for discriminatory comments said by employees.

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Midwife ‘unfairly dismissed’ after swine flu vaccine led to narcolepsy

24th November 2015 - Daily Mirror

Rhian Rhadia is representing a client who claims she was unfairly dismissed after a rare side-effect from a swine flu vaccine caused her to develop sleep disorder narcolepsy.

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