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Criminal Defence

Barclays to face fraud charges, SFO announces

21st June 2017 - The Law Society Gazette

The Serious Fraud Office has charged Barclays and four of its former executives with conspiracy to commit fraud. The charges, which also include the provision of unlawful financial assistance, were announced today. They relate to fundraising arrangements by the bank during the financial crisis in 2008 when it raised billions of pounds from Qatar to stay afloat.

According to the SFO, the charges concern Barclays’s capital raising arrangements with sovereign wealth fund Qatar Holding LLC and Challenger Universal Ltd as well as a $3 billion (£2.3bn) loan facility made available to the State of Qatar acting through the Ministry of Economy and Finance in 2008.

Former chief executive John Varley is among the charged as well as senior executives Roger Jenkins, Thomas Kalaris and Richard Boath.

Barclays plc, Varley, Jenkins, Kalaris and Boath have been charged with conspiracy to commit fraud by false representation in relation to capital raising in June 2008.

In addition, Barclays, Varley and Jenkins have been charged with conspiracy to commit fraud by false representation in relation to capital raising in October 2008 as well as with unlawful financial assistance.

Jenkins, who is now based in the US, is being represented by Brad Kaufman, of international firm Greenberg Traurig.

Barclays said it is ‘considering its position’ in relation to the developments.

The defendants are scheduled to appear at Westminster Magistrates’ Court at on 3 July.

Raj Chada, Criminal Defence partner, comments…

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Pre-charge bail: ‘Years of waiting left me feeling suicidal’

3rd May 2017 - BBC News - Victoria Derbyshire programme

People kept on police bail for months, or even years, say it left them feeling suicidal and unable to move on with their lives. New rules have changed how long people can be bailed for, but will it have the desired effect? “I was in a terribly dark place. You lose all dignity, you lose all purpose,” David Prince tells the BBC’s Victoria Derbyshire programme.

Criminal Defence partner Ruth Harris comments on changes to police bail.

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How do you make a citizen’s arrest?

26th April 2017 - Yahoo News

Catching a criminal suspect should usually be left to the police, but circumstances sometimes arise where a member of the public can intervene.

This is known as a citizen’s arrest. But how does it work, and should you ever attempt one? Here’s what you need to know:

What does the law say about a citizen’s arrest?

Sean Caulfield, a Partner in Criminal Defence team, comments…

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Plight of Stoly and the Stansted 17

7th April 2017 - Camden New Journal

Foreigners are fair game as the May government attempts to make headlines about falling immigrant figures.

IT did not make the headlines it should have done but an extraordinary event took place last week – 17 men and women chained themselves to the wheels of a plane at Stansted Airport as it was about to take off with more than 30 West Africans about to be deported. It reminded me of what happened to Stoly, a well-known face at a popular health food shop in Kentish Town who was arrested on Friday – for the deportation chop.

Raj Chada, a Criminal Defence partner, represents the Stanstead activists.

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New youth sentencing guideline begs more questions than answers

20th March 2017 - The Justice Gap

The new sentencing guideline for young people published recently and due to come into effect on 1 June, introduces a shorter sentence for children who plead guilty earlier in criminal proceedings. It also takes account of their vulnerability and background. While this is to be welcomed more generally, the strict guideline raises some questions.

The aim is to encourage defendants who are going to plead guilty to do so as early in the court process as possible. However, it will more likely put pressure on young people to plead guilty at a magistrates’ court quite often before they have obtained legal advice and, crucially, before they have been appraised of the evidence against them.

Appearing in court is a daunting experience for anyone and young people require more time to provide an account of an incident to a magistrate than the ten minutes that most are afforded. It is simply too rushed and will force some to plead guilty when in fact, they need help to determine their defence.

Caroline Liggins is a Criminal Defence solicitor at HJA who qualified in 2009 as a non-practising Barrister and converted to be a solicitor in 2012.

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