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HJA In The News

Civil servant ‘who could win Nobel prize’ honoured at Asian women awards

11th May 2017 - Evening Standard

A woman who turns girls away from extremism, a lawyer, a para-climber and a schoolteacher poet have been named as Britain’s most inspiring female Asian role models.

The Asian Women of Achievement Awards were dominated by extraordinary young Londoners who showcase diversity, entrepreneurship and determination to succeed.

The chairman’s award, for the most outstanding candidate across all categories, went to Fatima Zaman, a civil servant who works with the Kofi Annan Foundation to prevent London girls from becoming radicalised and joining extremist groups.

Managing Partner Vidisha Joshi wins Asian Women of Achievement Awards #AWA2017

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Can my emotionally abusive dad go after my hardworking mum’s pension if she divorces him?

9th May 2017 - Mail Online

My mum and dad are separated and living apart now for several years. Dad was emotionally abusive and unfaithful to mum for years.
He has lost any joint money they had – savings etc. apart from their home. Dad hadn’t paid anything towards the mortgage for years when he left mum and said she could keep the house.She sold the house and what little was left over after paying the debts dad had racked up was then spent on another property.Dad has always said he’d not come after any money from mum as he behaved so badly. But he’s not a nice person and I can see him going back on this.She now wants rid of him from her life – through divorce. But she is retired and lives off her pension, which she worked hard for years as a nurse to get, plus her state pension. Dad doesn’t have a pension of his own.

Jacqueline Major, Head of the Family team, advises…


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Pre-charge bail: ‘Years of waiting left me feeling suicidal’

3rd May 2017 - BBC News - Victoria Derbyshire programme

People kept on police bail for months, or even years, say it left them feeling suicidal and unable to move on with their lives. New rules have changed how long people can be bailed for, but will it have the desired effect? “I was in a terribly dark place. You lose all dignity, you lose all purpose,” David Prince tells the BBC’s Victoria Derbyshire programme.

Criminal Defence partner Ruth Harris comments on changes to police bail.

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‘Pointless’ fixed costs risk patient safety

3rd May 2017 - Solicitors Journal

The Department of Health’s proposals to fix recoverable costs in low-value clinical negligence cases are ‘pointless’, draconian, and endanger patients, solicitors said ahead of the consultation’s closing date.

The consultation, which closes today, 2 May, proposes a fixed cap on the legal fees that can be charged for cases up to the value of £25,000 in England and Wales, which could result in £45m of savings to the NHS a year, according to the plan’s backers.

However, claimant lawyers argue that the proposals are flawed as they are based on inaccurate cost estimates, ‘fanciful’ time analysis, and the false premise that lower-value claims are less complex.

Clinical Negligence partner Agata Usewicz comments…

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How do you make a citizen’s arrest?

26th April 2017 - Yahoo News

Catching a criminal suspect should usually be left to the police, but circumstances sometimes arise where a member of the public can intervene.

This is known as a citizen’s arrest. But how does it work, and should you ever attempt one? Here’s what you need to know:

What does the law say about a citizen’s arrest?

Sean Caulfield, a Partner in Criminal Defence team, comments…

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