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Grenfell Tower Tragedy – the known and the unknown

Arjun Jethwa

Posted by Arjun Jethwa | Solicitor
On 2nd August 2017

On 14th June 2017 Grenfell Tower caught alight when a fridge defaulted and started a fire. Whilst it is reasonable to expect fires to occur, the most shocking thing about the fire was how it spread. It has been found that the cladding that was installed on exterior of the property caused the continued spread of the fire.

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Grenfell: Honest Answers and Rebuilding Trust

Edward Veale

Posted by Edward Veale | Associate
On 2nd August 2017

A few days after the tragic fire at Grenfell Tower, a colleague and I were at the site, looking at the moving tributes, messages and flowers in memory of those who lost their lives. As we lingered there that evening, the protest march that started at Kensington Town Hall walked – calmly but determinedly – towards Latimer Road. The chant which echoed around those streets was passionate, simple and clear: ‘What do we want? Justice. When do we want it? Now.’ Again and again this plea for justice – for failings to be acknowledged, for wrongs to be righted – can be stripped down to a lack of trust.

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Reaching out to the homeless of Grenfell Tower

Suzanne Bird

Posted by Suzanne Bird | Solicitor
On 19th June 2017

Like all of us in London, and the UK, every member of staff at HJA has been shaken and devastated by the tragedy of the last week for the residents of Grenfell Towers.
…Most recently my mind has turned to the rights of the people who have lost their homes and providing some suggestions of help and assistance for victims and their families…

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