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Harassment and unlawful evictions… a solicitor’s view

Arjun Jethwa

Posted by Arjun Jethwa | Solicitor
On 6th December 2016

It is an offence for a landlord to engage in behaviour or an activity, or encourage others to do so which could force a tenant to leave a property or interfere with their quiet enjoyment of the property. Also, a landlord must follow due process in order to re-enter a property. Due process means serving a notice, issuing a claim for possession, obtaining an order for possession and enforcing that order with court bailiffs.

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Does race discrimination still exist in housing?

Arjun Jethwa

Posted by Arjun Jethwa | Solicitor
On 25th November 2016

The Human City Institute published a report Forty Years of Struggle: A Window on Race and Housing, Disadvantage and Exclusion on 20th October 2016. The report highlights that legislative changes since the 1960s have been geared towards eliminating the discrimination that Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic “BME” people have suffered. Whilst this has reduced discrimination against BME people in housing to some extent, this does still exist. The report however concludes that the aims have not been fully achieved.

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The Benefit Cap 2.0

Edward Sharp

Posted by Edward Sharp | Solicitor
On 18th November 2016

On 7 November 2016 a new benefit cap began rolling out across the country, and will affect all areas by…

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Dealing with dampness caused by condensation

Farzana Chowdhury

Posted by Farzana Chowdhury | Partner
On 17th November 2016

As the weather turns colder and the days become darker and damper, many people are dreading the return of damp…

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Homelessness – sleeping out to raise funds for webber street day centre

Edward Veale

Posted by Edward Veale | Solicitor
On 14th November 2016

As housing lawyers, we have daily contact with clients facing the threat – or reality – of homelessness and we do all we can using the power of the law to prevent our clients ending up on the streets. Sometimes the job has a glamour to it: like the thrill of sitting at a Court of Appeal or Supreme Court case, in which significant points of housing law are being thrashed out by some of the country’s finest legal minds.

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