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Fixed Fee Future: The fate of disrepair claims

Jayesh Kunwardia

Posted by Jayesh Kunwardia | Partner
On 16th April 2018

With the use of private rented accommodation continuing to rise yearly, it is a concern as to whether landlords are maintaining accommodation to a habitable standard as the law requires.

Currently all Council, Housing Association and private renting tenants are protected by section 11 Landlord and Tenant Act 1985 and Section 4 Defective Premises Act 1972, which provides guidance on the repairing obligations of landlords and maintains that they provide an accommodation that is “reasonably safe from personal injury or from damage to their property” from a relevant defects.

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Theresa May – Housing strategy 2018

Posted on 14th March 2018

On 05 March 2018 Theresa May addressed the housing crisis in her speech to the National Housing Conference.

Research shows that over 4,700 people are street homeless which is a 15% rise from last year’s figures, so how will Theresa May be tackling these problems?

One of the main points the Prime Minister voiced during her speech was to prevent developers from ‘land banking’ until it had substantially increased in price. Mrs May went on to state by doing so this would work against them in the future when bidding for new planning permission. Developers are to build homes which the average person can afford, should they not maintain this approach within two years of obtaining planning permission Councils ought to consider revoking it.

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No choices and no hope – Homes for Asylum seekers described as “a disgrace”

Suzanne Bird

Posted by Suzanne Bird | Solicitor
On 13th March 2018

Around 40,000 people are currently housed by the Home Office while their claims for refugee status are decided.
In 2012 the Home Office contracts to provide housing for dispersed asylum seekers were taken from Local Authorities and awarded to three companies, G4S, Serco and Clearsprings Ready Homes under the Compass (Commercial and Operational Managers Procuring Asylum Support Services) contracts. These contracts run until 2019.

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The law gets tough on the fight against rogue landlords

Edward Veale

Posted by Edward Veale | Associate
On 16th February 2018

The Guardian recently reported that government figures reveal an estimated 338,000 properties rented by under-35s were ‘hazardous and likely to cause harm.’ These figures suggest that over half a million people are starting their adult lives in such conditions. Some of the worst conditions occur where ‘slum landlords’ attempt to squeeze a high number of tenants into sub-standard housing which is designed to accommodate far fewer people.

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One step closer: the Homes (Fitness For Human Habitation and Liability for Housing Standards) Bill

Edward Sharp

Posted by Edward Sharp | Solicitor
On 7th February 2018

In our November blog we campaigned for constituents to contact their MPs’ in order to support the revived Homes (Fitness for Human Habitation and Liability for Housing Standards) Bill, a private member’s bill which would significantly bolster tenants’ rights in relation to housing standards.

On 19 January 2018, the Bill underwent its second reading in the House of Commons with concern that it would be “talked out” as it had been previously in 2015. However, much has changed on the political landscape since then, and with wide-ranging public support and backing from a spectrum of organisations – including Shelter, Mind, and Citizens Advice at one end, and the Residential Landlords Association, the National Landlords Association and the Association of Residential Letting Agents at the other – the Bill was passed to the next stage by unanimous consent.

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