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Reaching out to the homeless of Grenfell Tower

Suzanne Bird

Posted by Suzanne Bird | Solicitor
On 19th June 2017

Like all of us in London, and the UK, every member of staff at HJA has been shaken and devastated by the tragedy of the last week for the residents of Grenfell Towers.
…Most recently my mind has turned to the rights of the people who have lost their homes and providing some suggestions of help and assistance for victims and their families…

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Early advice in housing and family law – The Law Society calls for legal aid to be reinstated

Satvir Sahota

Posted by Satvir Sahota | Senior Associate
On 16th May 2017

With only a few weeks left until the General Election, we can all expect to be swamped via the news media with reasons to vote for one political party or another. Not surprisingly top on each of the 3 main parties’ home agenda is solving the housing crisis. No one knows at present whether these parties can deliver on their housing specific promises, in Labour’s case this is the building of new homes in their hundreds thousands, and of course no one can accurately predict the full cost of Brexit and the impact this may have on money ear marked for house building on a large scale. However, what these parties can guarantee is to help those constituents on low incomes and in desperate need of advice to stop a housing problem escalating out of control.

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