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B&B Accommodation, Skirting the ‘6 Week Rule’

Jayesh Kunwardia

Posted by Jayesh Kunwardia | Partner
On 5th December 2018

Many local authorities, especially within London, fall foul of the 6-week bed and breakfast (‘B&B’) rule. As per the Homelessness (Suitability of Accommodation) Order 2003 accommodation has either a shared toilet, shared personal washing facilities, or shared cooking facilities it will be considered to be a B&B. It is unlawful for councils to accommodate families (including single pregnant women) in temporary accommodation that is a privately-owned B&B for more than 6 weeks.

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Can I stop an eviction going ahead?

Sioned Wyn Roberts

Posted by Sioned Wyn Roberts | Solicitor
On 21st November 2018

If your landlord wishes to evict you from your home, they must first serve you with a notice that usually sets out the reason for doing so. On expiry of that notice, they must then apply to Court for a Possession Order. Usually the Possession Order takes effect within 14-28 days, meaning that if you have not left the property by the date ordered, your landlord can apply for a bailiff warrant to evict you.

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Homelessness assistance for people with serious mental health conditions: can I get a self-contained flat or do I have to stay in a hostel?

Edward Sharp

Posted by Edward Sharp | Associate
On 29th October 2018

There is no general right for a person with a serious mental health condition to get a self-contained flat. Although there is a basic requirement on local housing authorities to ensure any homelessness accommodation it arranges is “suitable”, this is no guarantee against a long-term stay in a hostel, even for a person with a serious mental health condition. That is because decisions about what “suitable” means in a given case is a discretionary decision which the local housing authority gets to make. There is a process for challenging any such individual decision, though it is always an uphill struggle.

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Not far enough – Domestic Violence survivors and secure housing

Karisma Ramsaran

Posted by Karisma Ramsaran | Paralegal
On 26th October 2018

As a law firm dealing with housing issues we come across a lot of difficult situations that those who are about to be made homeless or who are currently homeless have to go through. An unhappy situation that we have dealt with quite often is the situation that arises when a person is fleeing from domestic violence, and as a result stands to lose not only their home but their secure (lifetime) tenancy. Until now there has not been any guarantee that a person who has fled from their home would ever be able to re-gain their security of tenure.

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