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The duty to mitigate losses when claiming personal injury

Leticia Williams

Posted by Leticia Williams | Partner
On 22nd November 2017

If a person was involved in an accident, for which they are not to blame, and sustained an injury as a direct result of that accident then they may decide to pursue a claim for personal injury against the negligent party.

When making a claim for personal injury many claimants often ignore that they have a legal duty to mitigate their financial losses.

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Louise Jukes

Posted by Louise Jukes | Senior Associate
On 21st November 2017

Is filtering illegal?

If you live in London, filtering by motorcycles is a frequent event. London roads are busy, especially in rush hour. Motorcyclists can filter past traffic and have shorter journey times – surely one of the reasons to ride a motorcycle to work or to get around.

But should motorcyclists filter?

If an accident occurs the insurance company acting for the other party often makes great play in relation to whether the motorcyclist was filtering and whether the bike crossed the white line in the centre of the carriageway.

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Being a newly qualified solicitor

Alexia Simeoni

Posted by Alexia Simeoni | Solicitor
On 17th November 2017

Like many other solicitors, I studied and worked extremely hard to achieve my goal of becoming qualified. It was a challenge to study law in a language that is not my native tongue, so for me, qualifying didn’t only mean achieving my goal but also overcoming another challenge and that was a great personal accomplishment.

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Be Seen, Not Hurt

Emma Hall

Posted by Emma Hall | Solicitor
On 3rd November 2017

The Child Brain Injury Trust’s ‘Be Seen, Not Hurt’ campaign runs from 30th October and finishes on 3rd November with Glow Day. People across the county, as well as millions of children, will wear their brightest colours to work or school to highlight road safety and to raise much needed funds for the Child Brain Injury Trust’s vital work.

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