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Should insurance companies be allowed to access people’s social media profiles?

Emma Hall

Posted by Emma Hall (nee Lythell) | Solicitor
On 18th November 2016

In the last week, Facebook has blocked the motor insurer Admiral from accessing users profiles in order to help set car insurance premiums via a new app. Admiral had planned to access customers’ Facebook profiles in order to build up a form of risk assessment based on users’ profile information.

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Total Recall

Steven Violet

Posted by Steven Violet | Solicitor
On 31st October 2016

It is not an uncommon occurrence in the UK for products to be recalled. Often this is a minor inconvenience but the reason for the recall is because the product has a real and potentially harmful defect. Every time a product is recalled it is inevitably because there is a risk to consumers. We have all seen in the press reports of recalls of prams, food products and the recent high profile Samsung recall which was highlighted in a recent blog by my colleague Hema Vekaria.

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Samsung phones recalled

Hema Pindolia

Posted by Hema Vekaria | Associate
On 25th October 2016

Almost everyone now owns a smartphone. We carry it in our pockets and our bags, some even sleep with it under their pillow. But do we really consider the serious risk of injury they can pose? Samsung, a well trusted brand, was forced to issue a product recall of its new phone the Note 7 last month amid a number of reports that the faulty batteries made the phone overheat and explode.

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My first few weeks at HJA

Louise Jukes

Posted by Louise Jukes | Senior Associate
On 20th October 2016

I started working at Hodge Jones & Allen on 1st August 2016 and I am thoroughly enjoying working at the…

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‘Be Seen Not Hurt’ Campaign

Karen Mann

Posted by Karen Mann | Associate
On 10th October 2016

With Autumn approaching, children returning to school and with the days becoming shorter, it is of no surprise that more incidents will occur on the roads. The Department for Transport reported in June 2016 that there were a total of 186,209 casualties of road traffic accidents in 2015. Some of these incidents have involved pedestrians.

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