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Bringing claims on behalf of minor claimants

Alexia Simeoni

Posted by Alexia Simeoni | Solicitor
On 12th April 2018

Litigation Friend
Infants cannot legally pursue a claim themselves as they lack the necessary legal capacity. Instead, a litigation friend needs to be appointed to represent the injured child and act on their behalf.

It is the litigation friend who will instruct the solicitor to act on behalf of the infant claimant.

The litigation friend has to be someone above the age of 18 and must be competent to act. The litigation friend can be a parent, a family member, a friend or a guardian.

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Potholes: the beast of roads

Claire Sadler

Posted by Claire Sadler | Paralegal
On 12th April 2018

Last month, we had severe travel disruption caused by treacherous icy and snowy road conditions. This month, we are relieved with spring finally making its appearance, however, road users are still facing the challenge of the freezing conditions with ever increasing potholes in roads.

As a result of water having made its way into cracks in the road, freezing and then expanding during the recent spate of adverse weather, already bad road surfaces have broken up even more.

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Discount rate in personal injury claims. All change!

Posted by Rachel Steel | Legal Executive
On 11th April 2018

Compensation is to put an injured person back in the position he/she would have been had the accident not occurred. For persons who have suffered life-changing injuries, there can many future losses such as loss of earnings, treatment and care needs. Where lump sum payments are made, the discount rate is applied to account for investment.

What is the discount rate?

The discount rate is a multiplier used to adjust compensation for future losses to take into account interest and inflation. Currently, the discount rate is set at -0.75%.

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