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Tougher Penalties for Mobile Phone use while driving

Claire Sadler

Posted by Claire Sadler | Paralegal
On 14th March 2017

Your phone buzzes while you’re driving – what do you do? Ignore it or take a sneaky peak?

We all know that using your phone while driving is against the law (not to mention extremely dangerous), yet we see it on the roads every day. Drivers know it is wrong but are still prepared to risk it. I’d imagine part of the reason is that they know they’re unlikely to get caught. There are fewer police cars on the roads and speed cameras won’t pick this up.

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International Women’s Day 2017

Isobel Lovett

Posted by Isobel Lovett | Partner
On 8th March 2017

Having attended the brilliant #IWD2017 event organised by Doughty Street Chambers last Saturday and the #March4women event last Sunday, my thoughts on this International Women’s Day 2017 turn to all those women around the world, who have been and continue to be affected by asbestos.

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Remembering that clients are people

Steven Violet

Posted by Steven Violet | Solicitor
On 6th March 2017

As a solicitor I am bound by the Solicitors Code of Conduct. One of the mandatory principles by which I must conduct myself is to act in the best interests of each of my clients. This sounds quite straightforward. Every action I take on a file must be with getting the best result for my client in mind. However, this principle can be something that lawyers lose sight of within the modern provision of legal services.

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