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Winter cycling

Daniel Cooper

Posted by Daniel Cooper | Trainee
On 11th January 2017

Pulling back the curtains I am greeted by another cold and wet London morning. Not for the first time I question my desire to plonk on a helmet, turn on the bike lights and get to work on the city’s streets. I will join thousands of others who will head to major roads to make their commute navigating the traffic, pedestrians and other cyclists. Millions around the country will be doing the same.

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Our civil justice system is not broken or in need of more reform!

Andrew James

Posted by Andrew James | Senior Associate
On 19th December 2016

A while ago I was asked to help a relative who had been involved in a road accident. Despite the fact that they knew I worked as a claimant personal injury lawyer they did not rush to me. The insurance industry continually accuse the public of generating a ‘compensation culture’ yet, the fact is – “compensation culture” has been disproved as a myth by at least 2 separate government reports that found that it was just a matter of perception, largely caused by media stories about compensation culture.

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Don’t shake the buckets please – Spinal Injuries Association

Riffat Yaqub

Posted by Riffat Yaqub | Partner
On 16th December 2016

Riffat Yaqub alongside other members of the Personal Injury Team at Hodge Jones and Allen donned some red t-shirts and spent a few hours at Euston Square underground station raising money for the Spinal Injuries Association (SIA). Armed with buckets, which we were warned not to shake, and a certain amount of festive cheers we spent the afternoon appealing to the good nature of London commuters.

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Questions about cause of death – gaining answers from an inquest

Emily Welstead

Posted by Emily Welstead | Solicitor
On 8th December 2016

Losing a loved one is a very difficult and traumatic. In some cases, where the cause of death is uncertain or unnatural, an inquest must be held. What is an inquest?

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Should insurance companies be allowed to access people’s social media profiles?

Emma Hall

Posted by Emma Hall (nee Lythell) | Solicitor
On 18th November 2016

In the last week, Facebook has blocked the motor insurer Admiral from accessing users profiles in order to help set car insurance premiums via a new app. Admiral had planned to access customers’ Facebook profiles in order to build up a form of risk assessment based on users’ profile information.

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