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Mesothelioma claims: the difference between a living client claim and a fatal claim

Lorna Webster

Posted by Lorna Webster | Partner
On 27th July 2020

We regularly are settling mesothelioma claims within the specialist asbestos team at Hodge Jones & Allen Solicitors. Many of those settlements are for the mesothelioma sufferer but some are for their loved ones left behind after the victim has passed away. There are differences in the settlements of a living client claim and a fatal claim and information about this is set out below.

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Young people at the police station – an overview

Anna Jemmison

Posted by Anna Jemmison | Solicitor
On 24th July 2020

Early legal advice at the police station is especially important for young people under the age of 18 years. Attendance at the police station can be a frightening experience for both the young person and their parent or guardian. Regardless of whether the young person is attending the police station voluntarily or has been arrested, they are entitled to free, independent, legal advice. A legal representative can help guide the young person through the interview process and enable them to make informed decisions.

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What makes a good serious injury lawyer?

Anne Sanders

Posted by Anne Sanders | Partner
On 24th July 2020

Anne Sanders considers the skills I have developed and honed as a Personal Injury Lawyer of 21 years. She has dealt with many complex serious injury cases, initially as a trainee supporting a partner but now, and for many years, as an experienced serious injury lawyer in my own right.

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Policing the Pandemic: Amnesty’s Report on Human Rights Violations in the Enforcement of COVID-19 Measures in Europe

Shakti Bhagwansingh

Posted by Shakti Bhagwansingh | Trainee
On 23rd July 2020

Following the recent increase in the police’s already disproportionate use of force against Black communities in the UK, the timely report by Amnesty International examines the enforcement of government measures to tackle COVID-19 in 12 countries across Europe. The report’s findings highlight that the COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated Europe’s existing inequalities and discrimination on the basis of race, nationality and other protected characteristics, as it has in the UK…

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Social Rents under the Shared Ownership and Affordable Homes Programme 2016-2021

Alexander Panayi

Posted by Alexander Panayi | Solicitor
On 22nd July 2020

As a result of pandemic, on 6 July 2020 the Government announced a further one year extension to the Shared Ownership and Affordable Homes Programme. This means that housing associations and registered providers now have until March 2023 to start construction. However, based on the data released by the government in February 2020, only 4% of the homes funded the SOAHP since 2016 were for social rent. This is despite 22% of the £9 billion budget having been allocated to social rents.

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