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Do people snoop more on their partners because of technology and social media?

Jacqueline Major

Posted by Jacqueline Major | Partner
On 8th April 2019

We have recently noticed an increasing trend in clients coming to us after they found evidence of cheating on their partner’s mobile phone or social media accounts. We wanted to find out whether snooping on your partner was common, and what people perceive as cheating, so we commissioned a survey. The research showed that a high proportion of people – 35 per cent – have checked their partner’s mobile phone, with four in ten of those doing so once a week. Perhaps most shocking was that one in five men who snoop admitted to using their partner’s fingerprint while they were sleeping to access their mobile device.

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Legal Guidance around confiscation proceedings

Joseph Hume

Posted by Joseph Hume | Solicitor
On 5th April 2019

Receiving a sentence at the conclusion of criminal proceedings will often feel like the end of a long and distressing process. A defendant may feel that at the very least they can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that a line can be drawn in the sand and a new chapter can begin for them. Unfortunately for some, this new chapter is titled ‘Confiscation Proceedings’.

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Legal Guidance for people placed at risk of Redundancy- Here’s what you need to know

Homa Wilson

Posted by Homa Wilson | Partner
On 1st April 2019

It can be daunting to be told you are at risk of redundancy. In such circumstances, it is helpful to understand what your rights are, as well as, your employer’s obligations towards you.Redundancy can be a lawful reason to terminate someone’s employment. However, just because an employee is told she is being made redundant, does not mean that a dismissal resulting will be automatically lawful.

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