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Possession claims set to return as government stay expires

Siddiq Fazaluddin

Posted by Siddiq Fazaluddin | Senior Associate
On 3rd August 2020

The coronavirus pandemic has left the UK battered and bruised, with the economic, social and personal effects of the virus felt throughout the nation. The ongoing economic fallout has left tenants across the country out of work and unable to meet rental arrangements. To tackle this fragile situation, the government introduced a temporary stay on possession claims earlier this year.

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“No DSS” discrimination ruled unlawful

Bahareh Amani

Posted by Bahareh Amani | Senior Associate
On 28th July 2020

For years, many tenants looking to secure private accommodation were stopped by the usual sign “No DSS” which was often found in shop windows of estate agencies, internet ads, or which was the basic response on the back end of a 10 second phone call. This meant that anyone who was in need of assistance from the state with paying their rent would find it much more difficult to find accommodation. Sadly, it was the most vulnerable members of society, single parents or those who just needed a helping hand that would generally face the “no DSS reaction” and so were left either homeless, continuing to live in overcrowded or substandard accommodation or having to move away from family, friends and support networks.

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Furlough Fraud and the Finance Act 2020

Kiran Mehta

Posted by Kiran Mehta | Partner
On 28th July 2020

The Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (the “Furlough Scheme”)
The coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) detrimentally impacted not just public health, the NHS and other vital public services, but the economy as a whole.  The impact of the “lockdown” was that overnight a lot of businesses closed or experienced unparalleled revenue shrinkages. This placed jobs at risk…

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