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How can I sue my real estate agent?

Chun Wong

Posted by Chun Wong | Partner
On 12th September 2019

People use estate agents for several reasons; buying and selling of a property, renting, management, and even for professional valuations.

As a profession, they are, however, not subject to mandatory regulation or qualification which means that the quality of them can vary vastly, which may explain why things can go wrong.

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How to deal with employee misconduct involving the police and a criminal investigation?

Susie Al-Qassab

Posted by Susie Al-Qassab | Partner
On 9th September 2019

Most HR managers at some point in their career will have to deal with employee misconduct involving the police and a criminal investigation. Here are some of the key legal and practical points to keep in mind when faced with this situation and the business is looking to you to take action (and more often than not end the employment). Please note that there may also be sector specific rules and regulations which apply but this is outside the scope of this blog and separate advice should be taken.

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I’ve suffered sexual harassment. What can I do?

Ellen Clabburn

Posted by Ellen Clabburn | Paralegal
On 5th September 2019

It can be intimidating to address sexual harassment in the workplace, perhaps even more so if the perpetrator is somebody in a senior position. Knowing how to address harassment and what legal rights you have is therefore key.

If you’ve been sexually harassed at work you could make a written complaint as per your employer’s sexual harassment policy or raise a grievance. If your complaint is not upheld, you may decide to appeal it internally and then seek a resolution through ACAS early conciliation. If that fails, you have the right to pursue your claim in the Employment Tribunal.

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A dark horse with blurred lines: A brief overview of Intellectual Property and Copyright in estate planning

Jack Williams

Posted by Jack Williams | Trainee
On 2nd September 2019

There has recently been a re-emergence of back and forth Copyright cases in the news involving musicians such as Katy Perry, Robin Thicke, Led Zeppelin and Ed Sheeran to name but a few.

For those unfamiliar with Copyright, this is a particular form of legal protection used to stop individuals from copying, performing, distributing, selling, publishing or licensing a person’s intellectual property (I.e. music, books, artwork etc.) without their permission.

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