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Human Rights: Euro interference or paving the way for swifter access to justice for those living in Britain?

On 27th July 2015

The right to life – and the duty this places on the police to protect life; and the right not be subjected to inhuman or degrading treatment – along with the corresponding duty on the police to investigate serious crimes which engage this right, and to protect would-be victims – are contained in the European Convention on Human Rights (Articles 2 and 3 respectively). But is it only thanks to the Human Rights Act 1998 that these rights can be enforced in UK courts; otherwise claimants would have to wait years to get their cases heard in Strasbourg, as they used to do before the law came in to force…

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No ifs, no buts, no legal aid cuts

On 22nd July 2015

You may or may not be aware of the public demonstration that took place outside Westminster Magistrates Court this morning. It comes following the ongoing decision by the majority of legal aid firms to refuse to take on legal aid work in a courageous reaction to Michael Gove’s despicable proposition to cut fees by a further 8.75%; his first major decision since becoming justice secretary…

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Are Litigation Funders opening up to lower value claims?

Posted by |
On 21st July 2015

Litigation Funders have generally been involved in providing funding to meet the legal costs to pursue large multi-million pound commercial claims. The Litigation Funder meets the legal costs as the claim progresses, saving the Claimant from having to pay out for these, and in return, if the claim is successful, the Litigation Funder takes a share of the Claimant’s damages…

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The Human Rights Act allows victims of serial rapist John Worboys to succeed in claim for Met failings

Claire Brigham

Posted by Claire Brigham | Associate
On 20th July 2015

The Court of Appeal issued judgment in Commissioner of Police of the Metropolis -v- DSD and NBV and Alio Koraou -v- Chief Constable of Greater Manchester Police [2015] EWCA CIV 646 on 30 June 2015. These were joined appeals concerning the duty of the police to investigate credible complaints of serious violent offences, following the high profile decisions of the High Court last year which resulted in victims of the notorious ‘Black Cab Rapist’ John Worboys obtaining compensation for failings in the police investigation…

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