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Sharland and Gohil – an opportunity to reopen consent orders?

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On 16th October 2015

Two landmark judgments in the Supreme Court this week (Sharland and Gohil) had people reaching for their consent orders in matrimonial finance and wondering how they may be able to open up proceedings to achieve a better settlement for themselves.

In Sharland the husband had deliberately told the valuers and the court, that the company he developed was not going to be sold until at the very earliest 3 years time…

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Financial incentives and client care – Could your GP be receiving a bonus NOT to refer you to hospital?

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On 15th October 2015

GP practises across the country are receiving thousands of pounds not to refer patients to hospital for specialist treatment, according to a recently published report by Pulse magazine.

These ethically questionable ‘referral management schemes,’ are giving GP’s a financial incentive to cut down the number of referrals they make to specialist care and pushing them to meet tight referral targets…

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Appropriate Adult scheme is letting down vulnerable people in custody and requires urgent reform

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On 15th October 2015

Being locked up at a police station would be a shocking and frightening experience for most of us, and even more so for those who have a particular vulnerability which makes it difficult for them to understand what is happening to them. Since 1984, children and vulnerable adults have been entitled to extra help at the police station, through an ‘appropriate adult’ scheme where an adult attends and assists them through the entire custody process…

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