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Uber story and working in the gig economy

Daniel Cooper

Posted by Daniel Cooper | Trainee
On 15th November 2017

Since its creation in March 2009 Uber has expanded rapidly and is now operating in over 60 countries worldwide, with a recent valuation of over $60bn. It allows its users to get from ‘A’ to ‘B’ at the click of a button. However it has not been an easy ride for the company as it has faced a number of legal claims globally.

In the world of employment law this took the form of a claim in 2015 by a group of Uber drivers about their employment status with Uber.

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Drifting Dress Codes

Rhian Radia

Posted by Rhian Radia | Partner
On 15th November 2017

Where is the guidance for employers about dress codes? Summer has long gone. The High Heels and Workplace Dress Code Report’s recommendation of prompt guidance by then (because it was suggested that the Government needs to do more and must do it quickly) has fallen on deaf ears it seems.

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Landmark Ruling on ET Fees

Rhian Radia

Posted by Rhian Radia | Partner
On 28th July 2017

One of the fundamental principles of law is the right of every person to have access to justice. Two days ago, in a ground breaking decision of the Supreme Court it was decided that requiring employees to pay fees to bring employment claims meant that that they had been denied access to justice over the last four years. A victory for justice.

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Brexit – Where does this leave employees who are told their jobs are moving abroad?

Homa Wilson

Posted by Homa Wilson | Senior Associate
On 23rd May 2017

Following the vote to leave the European Union, many predicated that the UK would plunge into an immediate economic crisis. One of the fears was a significate raise in unemployment. Whilst we must try and focus on the positives – the UK economy is estimated to have grown by 1.8% in 2016 – it’s hard to remain optimistic in view of the number of companies announcing they are relocating jobs to Europe and other parts of the world. Nestlé recently announced that it would be moving 300 jobs to Poland, JP Morgan is preparing to move hundreds of jobs from London, Deutsche Bank also announced plans to move 4000 jobs.

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