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Discriminatory dress codes vs health & safety in the workplace

Sacha Jooma

Posted by Sacha Jooma | Trainee
On 4th October 2016

Treating a person less favourably because of their religion or belief is direct discrimination. Having a policy or practice which has the effect of particularly disadvantaging a particular group of people, for example, those with a particular religion or belief is indirect discrimination unless an employer can show objective justification.

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Attitudes towards flexible working – time for change

Nicholas West

Posted by Nicholas West | Solicitor
On 29th September 2016

New research carried out by Digital Mums and the Centre for Economic and Business Research has shown that there is still a dramatic lack of flexible working options for mothers in the UK. The #WorkThatWorks report looks at the impact flexible working could have on maternal unemployment across the UK if it was more accessible. It is an issue that affects a considerable section of society with 2.6 million mothers classing themselves as stay-at-home mums and no longer part of the workforce.

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A wake up call for HR professionals

Sacha Jooma

Posted by Sacha Jooma | Trainee
On 14th September 2016

There have been several recent employment cases about HR professionals overstepping the mark during disciplinary hearings. HR professionals need to be aware of the potential for unfair dismissal claims if they do not take a step back and think carefully about the limits of their role.

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The casual sexist

Henna Elahi

Posted by Henna Elahi | Solicitor
On 8th September 2016

This summer Laura Trott won her 4th Olympic gold medal, making her one of the most successful British female Olympians. A few minutes after this amazing achievement, her fiancé, Jason Kenny won his 6th Olympic gold medal. Laura Trott made her way over to her fiancé to congratulate him on this amazing accomplishment. Chris Boardman, who was commentating on the cycling events, said “He’s probably asking her what’s for tea?”

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Why is sexual harassment still so rife?

Homa Wilson

Posted by Homa Wilson | Senior Associate
On 12th August 2016

Recent research, conducted by the Trades Union Congress and the Everyday Sexism Project, found that a staggering 52% of women had experienced sexual harassment at work. This included groping, sexual advances and inappropriate jokes.

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