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Employers how do you deal with harassment of employees

Claire Kitchen

Posted by Claire Kitchen | Partner
On 16th October 2020

There has been considerable coverage over the last 12 months about stalking and harassment of individuals. What does an employer do when this leaks into the workplace? The general public perception of stalking and harassment is that of an ex-partner who will not accept “no”. Not all harassment and stalking occurs because of a former relationship. Some perpetrators have no romantic links to their targets at all.

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Out of sight out of mind – pregnancy, maternity and redundancy during Covid-19

Natalie Wellock

Posted by Natalie Wellock | Solicitor
On 17th September 2020

Out of sight, out of mind is a phrase we hear a lot from women who are returning to work after a period of maternity leave. There is often a lot of confusion and misinformation when it comes to this area, especially about employment rights linked to redundancy. This is a topic which has sadly become more relevant in light of Covid-19. Whilst these are unprecedented times, employers should not use the current crisis as an excuse to treat pregnant women and new mums unfavourably, and yet there have been many reports of pregnant women and mothers being excluded from meaningful consultation, consideration for alternative roles and singled out for redundancy.

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How to ensure a fair selection criteria is applied in a redundancy process

Sayeeda Choudhury

Posted by Sayeeda Choudhury | Trainee
On 4th September 2020

With the world attempting to get back on its feet following lockdown and the uncertainty resulting from the pandemic, many workplaces are left with no option but to downsize their workforce and are having to make redundancies. When doing so, to avoid the dismissals being challenged as unfair and unlawful, employers need to ensure that they follow the correct procedure. In this blog we focus on how an employer can ensure it follows a fair redundancy process by applying a fair selection criteria.

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Redundancy: What obligations does an employer have to find suitable alternative employment?

Sayeeda Choudhury

Posted by Sayeeda Choudhury | Trainee
On 3rd September 2020

With employer contributions to the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme ramping up over the coming months, many employers are having to make the difficult decision to reduce their staffing levels. As a result of these changes many employees have or fear that they will be placed at risk of redundancy. Many clients whom we deal with in this situation will be told by their employer that they have checked current vacancies and unfortunately there are no suitable alternative roles which can be offered. Is this enough? Is this all that is required in a fair redundancy process. This blog provides a more detailed consideration of the rather nebulous duty of considering suitable alternative employment.

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