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Joint Committee on Human Rights calls for national oversight body to prevent prison deaths

Clair Hilder

Posted by Clair Hilder | Senior Associate
On 3rd May 2017

Following a call by Parliament’s Joint Committee on Human Rights for a national oversight mechanism to ensure that lessons are learned from deaths in prisons, Clair Hilder reflects on the growing number of cases that demonstrate the failure of our current system to protect vulnerable prisoners.

Parliament’s Joint Committee on Human Rights (the JCHR) is currently carrying out an inquiry into mental health and deaths in prison, looking at three broad themes…

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Brexit case demonstrates why the use of Trump-style executive powers would fail in UK parliamentary system

Bhaskar Banarjee

Posted by Bhaskar Banerjee | Trainee
On 6th April 2017

Donald Trump’s executive orders banning immigration from seven Muslim majority countries and imposing an indefinite stay on refugees fleeing the humanitarian catastrophe in Syria has caused untold misery and legal uncertainty for tens of thousands.

Mr August Flentje, lawyer for Trump’s justice department, stated that this exercise of executive power was ‘perfectly constitutional’, though the US courts halted the ban in its initial form.

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