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As our justice system becomes increasingly out of reach for all but the wealthiest, the Bach Commission asks what needs to change to improve access to justice?

Lucy Cadd

Posted by Lucy Cadd | Solicitor
On 25th May 2016

The current lack of access to justice in the UK is alarming. Polling of adults in England and Wales by…

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(Access to) Justice Prevails

Nicholas West

Posted by Nicholas West | Solicitor
On 10th May 2016

The Supreme Court has delivered a unanimous ruling finding against the Government’s plans to introduce a discriminatory residence test. The controversial proposal sought to withhold legal aid from anyone that could not prove an established link to the UK, as discussed in our previous blog The Residence Test – 800 years of principle at stake.

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Equality Act – mere words or a force for change?

Posted on 29th April 2016

In the recent budget, the Chancellor sought to make significant and life-altering cuts to disability benefits. The target of these cuts was personal independence payments for people who need aids to help them dress and use the toilet. Thankfully, after facing huge political pressure, the Chancellor backtracked.

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The Residence Test – 800 years of principle at stake

Nicholas West

Posted by Nicholas West | Solicitor
On 19th February 2016

Access to justice has suffered a further setback following the recent ruling by the Court of Appeal relating to the so-called Residence Test.

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Court of Appeal legal aid ruling is a blow for civil liberties

Sasha Barton

Posted by Sasha Barton | Partner
On 9th February 2016

Judges in the Court of Appeal dealt a considerable blow to civil liberties in this country last month with a ruling that will make it more difficult for victims to bring claims against public authorities for false imprisonment, assault and for other serious and significant breaches of their rights.

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