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Treatment of prisoners serving unjust IPP sentences in need of urgent review

Claire Brigham

Posted by Claire Brigham | Solicitor
On 28th November 2016

Last week the Chief Inspector of Prisons, Peter Clarke, called on Justice Secretary Liz Truss to “get a grip” on the backlog of prison inmates being held beyond their sentence, saying it was “completely unjust” that offenders serving Imprisonment for Public Protection (IPP) terms were languishing in jail.

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LASPO – It’s time for a review, but by whom?

Sebastian Del Monte

Posted by Sebastian Del Monte | Trainee
On 25th October 2016

‘A plea to all the lawyers – those coming up and those already there. You have got to accept that bandying about access to justice, it’s really quite fraudulent. To govern is to choose. Is £1.6bn access to justice? Or is it £2.4bn? Lawyers forget where the money is coming from, it’s the taxpayer’s. So which department are you going to take the money from? … Seeing lawyers outside the Ministry of Justice looking like 1970s trade [unionists] does not help the status of the profession or find a solution.’ Lord Justice McNally (September 2016)

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The use of strip searches as part of stop and search requires urgent review

Joanna Bennett

Posted by Joanna Bennett | Solicitor
On 22nd September 2016

Being strip searched by police officers can be a humiliating and degrading experience for those subjected to it, yet many police forces do not have policies on when the practice can be used and many senior police officers are unclear about when it can be justified.

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Ministry of Justice must act as self-harm amongst women in prison continues to rise

Posted on 19th August 2016

In July of this year, the Ministry of Justice published the Safety in Custody statistical bulletin on deaths, self-harm and…

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The link between drug and alcohol intoxication and deaths and serious incidents in police custody

Cormac McDonough

Posted by Cormac McDonough | Solicitor
On 4th August 2016

Following the Home Secretary’s announcement last year of a major review into deaths and serious incidents in police custody, a consultation entitled, Independent Review of Deaths and Serious Incidents in Police Custody, recently closed. In the second of a series of blogs centred around our response to the consultation, we look at the link between drug and alcohol intoxication and deaths and serious incidents in police custody.

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