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The 2017 UK General Election – what does it mean for access to justice and human rights?

Posted on 2nd June 2017

Faced with growing political instability and uncertainty surrounding Britain’s departure from the EU, Prime Minister Theresa May’s decision to call a snap General Election could not have come at a more crucial time in our history.
Whilst the public spotlight is very much focused on the implications of Brexit, it is essential to ensure that key issues such as access to justice and the protection of fundamental human rights are properly addressed and prioritised. The recent publication of party manifestos provides a good opportunity to explore how the three main political parties plan to tackle these issues.

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Joint Committee on Human Rights calls for national oversight body to prevent prison deaths

Clair Hilder

Posted by Clair Hilder | Senior Associate
On 3rd May 2017

Following a call by Parliament’s Joint Committee on Human Rights for a national oversight mechanism to ensure that lessons are learned from deaths in prisons, Clair Hilder reflects on the growing number of cases that demonstrate the failure of our current system to protect vulnerable prisoners.

Parliament’s Joint Committee on Human Rights (the JCHR) is currently carrying out an inquiry into mental health and deaths in prison, looking at three broad themes…

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Stop and Search – 10 things you need to know

Elena Papamichael

Posted by Elena Papamichael | Trainee
On 19th April 2017

Under the sus law (s.4 Vagrancy Act) police in England & Wales had the power to search anyone in a public place who they suspected of intending to commit an offence. This power was used to target black and ethnic minority communities and many say contributed to the race riots of the 1980s that occurred all over the country. The law was repealed in 1981 following successful campaigns that highlighted the racist abuse of the power.

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